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Pietermaritzburg National Race - Wash out!

Pietermaritzburg National Race - Wash out!

Dan Stanbridge

After the wettest weekend that most locals have ever seen, (one guy quoted he had never had to use a spike tyre before!) the final race runs had to be cancelled so we assume positions are awarded based on qualifying results. The weather deteriorated the whole way through qualifying giving those riders who set off early a bit of an advantage over those who slogged it out in the storm. The start hut was moved down to the half way point due to problems with medical access, meaning riders started straight into a lengthy flat pedalling section with most of the tracks technical sections remaining in the top half and unridden today.

Qualifying results here:

The Dirt Norco Team made the journey out here without team mate Ben who had to remain at home to rest his hand after sustaining an injury a few weeks ago. The national race was good practise for Stanny, although our fingers are crossed for better weather next week in preparation for the World Cup!

  1. tom

    stanny got beat by tracy moseley?

  2. NZrox

    Barel beat by Moseley ON IT!

  3. dirt dodger

    I assume that Gwinny got the dry run then?

  4. luke

    dont think so, gwinnys ahead of that wolf pack!

  5. dylan

    Women go first dont they? so Moseley probly had a drier run than barel

  6. Daire

    and if it was only qualifying run times it doesn’t show a real result. Hope the WC round is dry after seeing this

  7. Leon

    Imagine how much of a painful slow and boring grind that flat middle section is in the wet!

  8. Stuart

    To think that while in South Africa they were getting pissed on me and the guys were blasting dry dusty trails in Derby…. Wonders never cease!! :)

  9. anonymous internet asscheeks

    Has someone been monging it typing names into the computer…. “Dan Stainbridge”? It won’t quite be the same when people start calling him Stainy 😉


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