Phil Atwill goes fastest in junior qualifying in Val di Sole - Full Results


After a puncture in qualifying at Fort William Madison/Saracen rider Phil Atwill has just put in a blinder of a run in qualifying at Val di Sole. Last weeks junior winner Noel Niederberger managed to get within just over half a second of Phil, but then there was a fair old chunk of time separating the rest. Taylor Vernon was almost ten seconds back in 8th place.

For easier to read and full results just click on the image below…


  1. Alberto

    Go Noel! GO!

  2. dirt dodger

    So that is a Brit taking number 1 in men, women and junior. World take note – remove all large mountains and chairlifts and get used to pushing up to become competitive LOL.

  3. Hamza

    Yeah Phil go for it


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