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Hardtail National Champs: The final countdown

Hardtail National Champs: The final countdown

Iain Woodley

The Official Unofficial National Hardtail Championships kick off at Gawton this weekend.
Iain “Ace” Woodley the driving force behind the HT Champs has put together a very tasty prize pool, here’s what he told us:

Well the Hardtail National champs are nearly here,  the nice people of www.2pure.co.uk have sent a box of Clif Bars to feed us (chocolate chip) and maybe a few others as well at the race.


So snacks sorted, also had a box from I.D. to bolster the prize fund,  all in thats sorted,  cant thank people enough,  and as it turns out i have been blagging in the run up to Euro Bike which means everyone in the trade is flat out getting ready for that.


Also Chaz from woodlandriders has told me that the HT class will go on to the 1.04 leaderboard as no one has freelapped on a hardtail yet,  so we all best try hard on Sunday.

The entry list hasnt been updated yet, and i have had a look see,  I know a few others are coming down,  and i have had excuses from a few as well,  as things stand Ben Deakin is hot favourite to run for another year,  I have heard from Ben Irons who is always a wildcard who likes to go large,  Ben is out with a broken collar bone… Also heard from Ash Brown, another go large or go home who has 30% rotation from breaking his wrist,  not long out of plaster but not able to race yet,  Andy Payne who came 3rd last year, well he comes back from working the Alps as a guide the Monday after the race, he is in one bit,  but the 3 months in France have seen him snap 2 bikes,  and Kenny Dyer, still in hospital as I write this,  last week he smashed his right foot after an accidental 10′ drop onto tarmac.  Kenny got last man down last year and has made massive progress,  he was aiming for mid pack this year…  Andy just needs a new frame the others… Get well soon, always next year.

So we have the killer track, the killer prize fund,  also Jamie from wideopen mag has sent a case of Beer for the fastest overall Hardtail time :)

Out of the names on the entry list,  I know a few,  the other contender is from the Welsh,  Lewis Bateman who rides under Extreme Culture could well be on the podium,  will there be any others ?  I don’t know.  How close can we get to the world cuppers on the 1.04 ?  we will find out over the weekend,  whatever happens, whatever the outcome we will have fun and a race on one of the top tracks in the UK and a big thank you to all who have chipped in with prizes for us.

www.woodlandriders.com if you fancy dropping in for a go.

  1. Dave Walker-Blair

    Haha i watched kenny faceplant the tarmac… it really was the most epic thing ive seen for a while… he is on the mend and will back about in noooooo time!

  2. AndyB

    My money is on rapid (and utterly braindead) Jody Bent…2.12 down super Tavi on his Ragley MMMBop… That’s only 7 seconds slower than on his Evil Revolt DH bike!

  3. stubacca

    I am turmoil that I can’t race, what the hell am I getting married for?

  4. ace

    Jody Bent ? who he ? i will look out for him in the morning :) nice to get a ball park time as well, the closer we can get to 2 mins the better, i reckon maybe 2.05 to 2.15, which when you factor in we are untrained unlicenced and dont have a full factory back up is good going, but as far as i am aware no one has an official hardtail freelap time to compare against, whatever the outcome, we will have a laugh on a killer track !
    D.W.B. been following Kennys hospital bed mobile updates on facebook, might take him a while to race again, but i am sure he will, be gentle next time you take him out, going to take a while to heal from that injury, i here Ben Irons and Ash Brown are well on the mend, always next year !

  5. AndyB

    Jody is the mechanic at Dartmoor cycles in Tavi and also the ususal uplift driver at Gawton.

  6. ace

    Well the race will be intense, i am at home with a smashed up face, managed 1 1/2 runs today, James Brown is sending the big gap like he is riding off the kerb, Deakin was well impressed, and i met Jody, reckon all three of the above will be on or close to the podium.
    I faceplanted into rocks, so might not be able to do my own race, have to see if i can squeeze a helmet on tomorrow or if i have enough vision left to ride as my eye has closed over, although i think it’s stopped swelling :)
    Once again the youtube helmet cam footage does NO justice to how harsh and technical super-tavi is.

  7. Zero Cool

    So who one??

  8. ace

    not me. check HTN, podium up on there, have to wait for dirt to process my update, a full report will follow later.

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  10. Kyria

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