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Halo BDS Round 3: Fairclough Llangollen Track Walk

Halo BDS Round 3: Fairclough Llangollen Track Walk

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Halo BDS round 3 kicks off at Llangollen on 26/27th June and the organisers are giving you the chance to walk the track with Brendan Fairclough and poach his lines.

Here’s what Si Paton from Halo BDS said:

Brendan Fairclough – Monster Energy / Specialized won the 2009 National in style by a huge margin and took £200 cash for the big whip competition in his race run! 2010 and he cruised in for the win again at Llangollen at the Welsh Champs so is undoubtedly the king of Llangollen.


The Halo BDS is now offering you the chance to win too! Exclusive and new to the Halo BDS, Brendan Fairclough will spill the beans on the course walk, telling you his line choices, breaking points, jumping tactics and where he is going to pedal!!!


This is open to all racers and spectators, free of charge, just make your own way to the top of the hill for 19:00 on the Friday night (June 25th).

Think about it, this is the chance of a lifetime and a priceless opportunity to pick Brendans brains for your benefit, don’t miss it. No need to book, just get yourself to the top of the hill.

I can’t take all the credit for this great idea, Chris Porter from Mojo is the man to thank on this one.



  1. Gaz

    No way, Brendog will b a bit pissed off if every1 walks the track with him.

  2. rob

    you wont be able to ride any of his lines, we looked at a few last year and they boggled my mind, he was hopping places we were braking on a hill that you can barly walk down!

  3. brendog

    No way you will be flying by the time i have showed you some sneeky lines. If you beat me though im going to be pissed off.

  4. Luis

    The “Fairflow” style…

  5. AC

    Haha, fair play if that is the man himself posting on here! Good luck in Leogang fella. Looking forward to this trackwalk, should be a laugh – though I imagine really it’ll just be annoying with far too many people around to actually look at any lines properly…

  6. Alfie Polax

    Brendan get off here and get training you goon. We want a win at Champery or you’re in trouble!

  7. Vathana Song

    Haha! Brendog go win Llangollen WC! I’m cheering for you mate!

  8. Ashley

    might just tell them all the rubbish lines for all we know 😉


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