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Gee Atherton wins Val Di Sole 2013 World Cup - Results

Gee Atherton wins Val Di Sole 2013 World Cup - Results

Absolutely incredible ride from Gee Atherton today…is this the year for Gee and Rach? They are both on a ‘two out of two’! They look pretty much unstoppable this year. Gee managed to win by a whole second from Stevie Smith on a dry and dusty course…could it be something to do with his new bike? Many of the other riders that were in contention for the win had big crashes; Brook MacDonald lost his saddle and Aaron Gwin was off the pace by 4 seconds, finishing back in sixth. A return to form of sorts, but he is still not his usual ‘crushing’ self. A great result for Smith in second (but he will be searching for the win), Minnaar will be more than pleased to be back on the podium in third after his performance in Fort William. And young guns Loic Bruni and Troy Brosnan will be ‘stoked, pumped and amped’ with fourth and fifth.

More news as we get it.

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  1. Gavin

    Amazing race one again. Really happy to see Gee and Rach win again. Big credit to Stevie Smith though, he’s getting better every race

  2. 29 ur gay

    This is some Willy. Wonka. S tuff right here, absolutely amazing. Season so far. Fair play to the. Athys they have put so much into the sport.

  3. terrid

    I think Gwin’s gonna need a bigger boat…

  4. Hancock

    Gee’s clearly been eating his Weetabix, anyone taking odds for an Atherton whitewash this year?

    What happened to Hill, accident?

    Sixth is still not good enough.

  5. Eoin

    Sweet race, great to see Bruni and Brosnan on the podium, but gutted for both Hill and Hart. Especially Hill, 2nd at split one and taking completely different line to the rest of the field. Lots of big names crashing out today.

  6. Bast

    Great Josh! waiting for the Big 1#

  7. ISY

    Great racing, well done Gee and Rach. Red bull live stream is great so far this year!

  8. Jamazepam

    What a result for Joe Connell, Solid!

  9. Juanfer

    Glad to see Gee on top, however I’d like Sam and Steve the most to be on top.
    I´m happy about Gwin not winning too.

  10. Sam

    Awesome race! Gee’s run really did look perfect. Devastating to see Danny go down, would really love him to tear up that Giant contract and get a proper DH bike under him. As much as I love him, I can’t see Hill on the top step ever again, Troy’s the next Aussie hope. Smith and Greg looked amazing too!

  11. Paul

    Said it before. Gwin needs a bike that looks more like a Trek

  12. John Colthorpe

    Can you guys add Eddie Masters to the Dirt Fantasy Team line up? I need to make some changes!

    1. Scotty

      What this guy said. Eddie’s on form.

  13. Big+Bird

    Gee really looked noticeably faster down that course.

  14. Matts dyer

    Noticed gwinn following Troy in practice. Pace in practice matters and can be contagious. Congrats to Troy Really seems to be figuring it out. Gwinn just needs to chase gee or Stevie in practice

  15. grant

    Bummer for Jack Reading, breaks through the tape & gets DQed, being a privateer he obviously doesn’t have the same clout with the UCI as say…. Rachael Atherton. #Wyndham2012

    1. burns

      Exactly what I was thinking.

  16. fanboy

    What a run Stevie Smith was on, he looked super composed and in control. Almost looked effortless, yet super fast. Gee deserves it, but thouroughly impressed with Stevie as well!

    Also, Hill still really fast, look at split 1. Shame about the crash.


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