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Fort William World Cup: Claudio Caluori Talkie Helmet Cam

Fort William World Cup: Claudio Caluori Talkie Helmet Cam

Claudio Caluori gives us a GoPro POV run of the track at Fort William, providing us with his own flavour of enlightened commentary…


  1. Bedders

    Beautiful. Can’t wait to see it in the flesh tomorrow. Come on!

  2. Mr Rick

    That was brilliant! He seemed to be enjoying himself and kept up a good level of chat. And what great weather – wish I was up there!

  3. Leon

    He sounds like he has loads of fun , I would be to busy papping it to chat and giggle.

  4. peskito

    Looking forward for the race!
    And Claudio is a really cool guy, always nice and still pretty fast.
    Big up from Switzerland

  5. Mr_Boo

    Awesome, Claudio and Stanny are doing us a brilliant service with these talkie cams. And they’re not hanging about either.
    Cheers guys.

  6. dirt dodger

    well i doubt i could manage talking and making jokes down ft.bill, last time rode down there it was all shits and fu**s ! not, “wooohs” and “this is a lot of fun”, class action thanks- lmao

  7. LemonadeMoney

    Excellent. More of Claudio please!

  8. TimBud

    I bloody love Claudio’s talkie runs!
    Well impressive being able to talk through that especially during a ‘blind’ run.
    Nice one CC!


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