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Fort William 2013 UCI World Cup - Team Videos

Fort William 2013 UCI World Cup - Team Videos

To save us from being drowned by the tidal wave of team videos that are about to hit us from Fort William we thought it’d make sense to stick them all in our flood defence system, which is otherwise known as this post. So, keep checking back regularly as we’ll chuck any new ones in as and when we get them, with the latest ones at the top…

Fort William World Cup round 1 2013: SC Intense team video

This has to be the best team edit so far…MS MONDRAKER #1: FORT WILLIAM

Will Weston – My first World Cup

Bit of 4X action for you…RSP 2013: Podcast #03 – 4X Pro Tour rd2 Fort William

Hutchinson UR Team – Fort William 2013

You cannot imagine a better way to kick off the world cup season than a sunny, crowded Sunday in Fort William and for the Hutchinson UR team, the cherry on the cake was Mick Hannah’s podium in Elite men.

Gates Nicolai Mountainbike Team #1 WORLD CUP & 4X ProTour @ Fort William / Scotland

Classic Cedric: Cedric Gracia Through My Eyes #2 Fort William

The Specialized team edit with Troy Brosnan and Aaron Gwin. As Gwin said himself, he’s got some work to do if he want’s to be back up there on that top step of the podium. If he doesn’t raise his game in Val di Sole there are going to be some serious questions asked, and surely these guys should have been able to dial in their bikes way before the World Cup season kicked off.

The much anticipated start to the 2013 UCI World Cup Downhill season arrived with round one at Fort William, Scotland. An unusually long break combined with atypical dry conditions on a course known for its difficulty added complexity for riders and support crew alike. Aaron Gwin and Troy Brosnan played it somewhat safe by focusing on regaining their race rhythm and dialing-in bike and equipment setup. Both put in respectable top-20 performances with eyes on the podium in coming weeks.

First to the video editing finishing post (apart from our very own DirtTV of course) were the Creative Concept guys with this sweet Lapierre Gravity Republic team video.

  1. Bell

    They’re not really pouring in are they? Nothing from Specialized? I want to see how Gwin handles and explains the terrible results in qualies and final.

    1. Oz

      There’s a vid from Specialized up on Pinkbike, but I was expecting more vids too. Maybe the tight schedule between the first two rounds is making things difficult. There will prob be a load of vids after Val Di Sol that show both rounds.

    2. Skud

      OK not the best result for Gwin, but 20th at a world cup isn’t exactly ‘terrible’.

      1. Ed

        Yeah definitely not terrible for your average World Cup rider, but we are talking about Gwin, the guy who’s broken all the records for domination in a World Cup season. For him to get those kind of results without any real reason is pretty weird. His incredible results in the past have meant that it’s almost seen as a bad result for him if he does anything apart from win, so yeah I think you could describe his results at Fort William as terrible (for him at least).

  2. iloper

    CG is BACK!!! :)

  3. Alanpods

    CG proves that it’s not the results that count.
    Only the one footed jumpy-thingys and cool-as attitude..
    Something AG could possibly learn a thing or two from 😉

  4. Aaron Glose

    i reckon Gwinn should take my surname and give up for good. nobody likes him anyways

    1. danny

      i like him

    2. Ed

      Yeah I really don’t get this whole Gwin hate thing. Why do people always seem to hate people who are successful at what they do? The same thing happend with Sam Hill when he was on a roll, and that was just as stupid. I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with both of these riders and they’re both top guys and certainly don’t deserve the negative comments that they’ve received. The vast majority of what is said about their character is utter bullshit. I just don’t get how people can say the stuff that they do when they have never even met these people. Sorry for the rant, but it makes me mad. Would you like it if people who had never met you started slagging you off left right and centre on the internet? I’m guessing the answer is no, so why not just keep your mouth shut about other people unless you can actually bring yourself to say something nice about someone. The internet would be a much better place for it.

      1. ddmonkey

        Well said. I seem to remember Gwinn goofing off the jumps last year at the worlds when his brake failed, seems pretty level and OK to me. I don’t get why people feel the need to be negative about people they have never met, Gee got it a bit a few years back as well.

      2. Dan J

        Yeah well said ‘Ed’

      3. Skud

        Gwin comes across as an honest decent guy. When riders act professional and not like 12 year olds they are then labelled as ‘boring’ and ‘bland’ etc by some folk.

      4. Big Dawg

        I totally agree with you about Gwin and Hill hating. It’s just ignorant and unnecessary. I met Hill in the pits at Fort William this weekend and he couldn’t have been more friendly and accommodating when it came to giving people pics and chatting. I joked that I was going for an arm around his shoulders pose for the pic and he said ‘no problem as long as you don’t go for the butt cheeks’. Which I thought was a quick and funny answer. As for Gwin I high fived him as he was bombing round the pits in a very serious looking frame of mind but as my buddy and I high fived him and said good luck he acknowledged us and thanked us. Hardly the behaviour of an arrogant twat or whatever people say he is. All that can be said is that in this sport, barring a mechanical, the fastest person down the hill wins and therefore Gwin has deserved all his success because he very simply got the job done. He has had no advantage other than what he has given himself through training and his approach the races. I can’t see a reason not to admire his achievements .

  5. Sam

    Why you hating on Gwin, he’s a pinner and is sound as.

  6. enri

    well,to be fair, when I met Gee at the VdS WC two years ago he behaved in a bit of a “I’m so full of myself” way,but that’s just me…

  7. Dexta

    Ok so Gwinn ad a bad result ever get that feeling wen u wake up n u jst knw it’s not gunna b ur day that wasn’t his day plus every other fucker has stepped up ther game over the winter Gwinn won’t av a problem getting back upto speed Iam more shocked at harts result thought that was his plans dnt always workout n before anyone says anything it’s nothing to do with the amazing demo

  8. Dexta

    That’s why Iam not a huge gee fan ya knw lol iv met him afew times n raced in youth with him an he is v sure of himself but think we all wud if we ad his skills dans the man

  9. Bell

    What Ed said. Top 20 is rather bloody good for most people – I’d be amazed if I could make the top 20,000 – but for Gwin, when you consider his last two seasons… I was just curious to see how well he’d handle this very new situation; I’ve got nothing against him though. In fact, if he handles it well, I’ll respect him more (but if they make up excuses about ‘bike set up’ I won’t).

  10. Oz

    Hmmm, somethings not right at Specialized. Dialling their bikes in at the first world cup after an 8 month off season. When the race season this year is so short this sounds like a big mistake to me. Maybe the fact that Gwin is on Fox and Brosnan is on RS has caused issues with pre season testing? Gwin and Brosnan are complete opposites in terms of personality too. Brosnan is young, naturally gifted on a bike and is all about having fun. Gwin is more mature, the consummate professional and comes across quite serious. Will these two guys work well together?

  11. Alanpods

    In response to above^^ (if any of this was directed at me??)

    I wasn’t dissing AG, all-that-much, really?? Mostly pointing out the refreshing contrast with CG. AG comes across a bit serious in videos – and interviews – which is all I’ve got to go on as an ordinary human. In one interview I’ve read, he came across as a teensy bit weirdly evangelical…. then Steve Peat referred to him as ‘having a weird attitude to the sport’ (paraphrased) this month in MBUK. He may be an awesums rider, but he is perhaps somewhat lacking in the PR department – as contrasts starkly above with that wonderfully ebullient CG video. Don’t ch’a just love the internetz for a good ol’ argues? 😉

  12. JamieD
  13. Tim Robson

    Re A Gwin – he’s not the first guy to jump on a Specialized and immediately go backwards. Hilly couldn’t replicate his Iron Horse form, for example, despite the 2009/2010 big-ticket results. Shaun Palmer’s another guy who springs to mind – jumped off the winning-everything Intense M2 and promptly did nothing on Specialized.

  14. Martin Cris Saa III

    lovely videos

mike hopkins

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