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DirtTV: Enduro World Series rd#1 Punta Ala bike tech video

DirtTV: Enduro World Series rd#1 Punta Ala bike tech video

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Dirt Magazine’s Steve Jones stalks the Punta Ala pits ahead of the opening Enduro World Series race in Italy and quizzes the top riders about their bike setup. How much travel are they running? What wheel sizes? 29? 650b? 26? Tyre choices? Suspension settings? Carbon? Bike weights?

Nico Vouilloz, Remy Absalaon, Brain Lopes, Jerome Clementz, Neil Donoghue and Fabien Barel share their thoughts.

Vouilloz and Jones
Vouilloz and Jones

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  1. JFC

    Fabien should be awarded the win before the race even starts just for being so aware and knowledgable about bikes, so much more than any other rider, to the point that everyone else is just ‘guessing in the wind’. He makes everyone else look like an amateur. Or tight lipped and playing dumb? The whole world should buy Canyon bikes next year. Lol Brilliant vid Jones.

  2. ceedeedee

    It is funny to see, what barel says – very professional! – regarding his fork choice! a) good damping is needed b) stiffness is needed. thus, he chooses a fox 36. my equation: 15 mm axles are not stiff (ok, i agree, it is better than the old skewers) but not as stiff as 20 mm. damping? i guess he is looking for good hi/lo damping options and not for this “great” CTD… in my eyes, it is hard to find a proper 26 inch fork with good damping and travel adjustability within 140-160 mm…

  3. pete

    You need good dumping…

  4. Cyrus

    Booom! Fabien just said it – increased wheel sizes means we need increased stiffness in other places. Hello again 20mm axles, glad to see you again, you have been missed. I’m glad I stuck with 20mm, and my 36s are simply the best fork ever made. I wonder how long it will be until the bike industry starts trying to convince suckers that they need 1.5″ head tubes again, or 150mm x 12mm rear ends, or maybe speacialized will introduce 30mm front hubs to cope with all the stress 160mm 29ers can put on wheels and forks. Hey why not. Anything to sell more bikes.

  5. Rich+Ham

    awkward interviewing, I am not a techy person, I would like to know about the physical fitness stuff they do if possible.

  6. Beershits

    I enjoy good dumping throughout this video

  7. Cool Hand Luke

    FFS Jonesey, let the man speak. Fabien still an absolute pleasure to listen to, he explains things in just the right amount of depth.

  8. Callum

    you guys need to do a fucking long interview with Fabien,love listening to him talk about bikes

    1. billy

      Yes, we need to get Fabian his own show I reckon. Jones had a drunken chat with him here if you haven’t seen it: http://dirt.mpora.com/news/two-time-dh-world-champion-fabien-barel-talks-about-the-art-of-flow.html

  9. Skud

    great vids keep them coming!

  10. Rodney

    Fabian is the man. He couldn’t ‘officially’ comment, but he did come out and say a stiff fork with a 20mm thru axle is what’s needed. Preferably 160mm but 140mm with good damping is ok. I think he’s saying Fork companies want to market stuff that’s not really needed – like 15mm thru axles etc. I agree.

  11. mrB

    ‘don’t want to rattle on about wheel sizes’ yeah nobody would want that, good job you didn’t ask every rider about it, oh hang on!
    Anyway, good video, glad to see dirt doing a great job with the endure coverage.

  12. fanboy

    Great video, thanks for this.

    Also, I could listen to Fabien for hours, he always has some interesting and insightful analysis to say. When Fabien talks, you listen.

    Really good to hear him say that 15 mm axles are BS. I’ve been trying to avoid the for long now. Personally, I think the 15mm axle only is the great downfall of the new Pike fork. Fox CTD system is not good and does not allow for adjustability, clearly a step in the wrong direction. This leaves Marzocchi 55 RC3, Lyrik with Mission Control DH och BOS Deville as contenders.

  13. Name

    Strange that someone so pre occupied with feeling trail/terrain feedback through the bike would choose to race in gloves.

    Not a really a fashionable enough question for Jones to ever ask tho..

  14. Name

    Interesting video. Would have been good, however, if the camera had shifted to actually show the bikes under discussion now and again.

  15. Tim

    Do you think Jonesy is slightly obsessed with wheel sizes?

    I do love the way that Fabien is the absolute professional during interviews and is definitely the one in control. It is appreciated when he stops an interviewer from making a complete dick of himself and shows how knowledge and experience on a bike is by far the most valued asset rather than marketing BS

  16. Jamazepam

    Great video! We’re getting more insight here into riders bike set up than at dh wc’s. It’s obvious though its not about the bike though. When we going to get some training questions and what riders do to prepare?

  17. fanboy

    What, what of this “the 29er is faster and has taken over” claim? First 29er was Lopes at 15th. All the other top guys seem to think 26 or 27.5 is faster?

    ..and in the video, Lopes openly admits he just runs the 29er for marketing reasons.

  18. RonHorse

    Yeah I find those super thin gloves absolutely kill trail feedback!

  19. ronin

    barel gives his sport class. it’s a nice change of pace of interviews with enduro. more insightful instead of just “stoked for sure cuz it’s sick, bro.”

    1. Colin

      Very true.

      I’ve always believed that the sport needs more like Barel and Vouilloz. Consummate professionals, well educated and well spoken.

      The lack of them holds our sport back.

  20. Freeman

    God damn it Jones!!! Do you listen to anything anyone says, or is it all about waiting for your turn to speak?
    Why bother to interview anyone if your opinions are fuckin great! I bet all you hear is Blah, blah fuckin blah. Welcome to Jones world.

  21. Silent+George

    So carbon hoops are too stiff and don’t let you feel the terrain accurately – but you need 20mm forks as 15mm is not stiff enough?

    1. Vapor

      Carbon makes aero road wheels and mud shedding cyclocross wheels. Fabien says carbon doesn’t bring anything to 26″ mtb wheel. Alu is stiff enough, making carbon stiffer is overkill for 26″, or once carbon is stiff/stong enough, it’s the same weight as alu and more expensive and more fragile. Though carbon may be worth it for bigger than 26.

      15 mm forrk is a qr replacement. 20 mm is stiff. Fabien wants a 20mm axle with a downhill damper and he doesn’t care so much about the stancion diameter. The only fork his sponsor makes with these requirements happens to have 36mm stancion diameter. Hey sponsor- how about 34mm stancion, 20mm axle, open bath damper, and air spring with no travel adjust? A not too stiff fork that would work great, and be fully overhauled with ease in 20 min or less! While your at it, make a rear shock with a spacer to set the floating piston in the piggy back and two bleed ports in the damper. Servicing a rear shock could be as simple as bleeding a brake.

  22. mr B

    Surely the axle problem is down to the fact that most riders who buy ‘trail’ forks are not Fabian and won’t get anywhere near the level of force he puts through a bike. To the average customer of SRAM Fox etc (be it through OEM or not) a 15mm axle is plenty stiff enough and lighter than a 20mm. I’d love an uber stiff 100mm travel, 20mm axled fork for trail riding but I accept that’s a niche demand so it will probably never happen.

    1. Vapor

      I have nothing against 15mm axle, but 15 mm axle is:

      Getting rid of qr now that disc brakes are ubiquitous (qr wheel slipping lawsuit avoidance)
      Customer acceptance (I don’t need a downhill axle on my bike!)
      Fashion (my what a giangantic hub!)

      15mm is hardly lighter, but that lightness thing is an easy sell.

      1. Vapor

        Fox 36 float is the 100mm travel fork with 20mm axle. Been available for about 7 years.


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