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Chausson and Graves win Crankworx Enduro 2013

Chausson and Graves win Crankworx Enduro 2013

After what has been probably the most gruelling day in the short history of the Enduro World Series this race has thrown out two new winners from a field stacked with the worlds best riders.

Ex-World Champions and amateur riders mixed in a race that spanned the whole day and so many different trails that riders experienced every emotion in the 50+km event. With 19km of timed racing of which almost 10km was in the final stage the riders were pushed hard to perform all day.

Anne Caroline Chausson may be quiet, almost shy, but she does all her talking through the bike. She arrived this weekend to race and race she did, Tracy Moseley has dominated the series so far and is looking strong for the overall title but I am sure losing to a rider like Anne Caroline won’t sit too heavy on her mind.

The mens race again threw up some surprises with a mixed bag of stage winners, DirtTV caught up with a whole range of riders during the stages and we get them all wedged into our edit early this week.

Jared Graves just put in a stormer of a final stage, he was solid all day but he said he had the perfect run on the last making up over 20 seconds on Jerome Clementz. After coming so close with great stage performances all season Graves just put it together and will take $10,000 CAD for today’s win. Clementz was happy with second place but would have no doubt loved to maintain his record from the other rounds. Having ridden consistently all day it came down to the last and Graves just had the edge.

A stunning ride came from Mountain of Hell winner Jamie Nicoll, a privateer doing the full series Jamie made his way through the stages in quiet and clearly solid style beating some massive names in MTB to land the third step of the podium.

Not to be missed is Martin Maes performance, this young Belgian rider has put together in some of the fastest stage runs of the day. Maybe it’s the addition of clip pedals to his setup and rolling on 650b wheels? Check out his helmet camera footage in our finals edit to see just how he does it.

Check out the full results below, here are the top riders from each category:



1. Anne Caroline Chausson

2. Tracy Moseley

3. Cecile Ravanel



1. Jared Graves

2. Jerome Clementz

3. Jamie Nicoll


The series overall is still held by Jerome Clementz, Tracy Moseley and Martin Maes going into the next round in Val d’Isere.



DirtTV are heading into the edit and there is going to be one hell of a video for you to feast your eyes on in a couple of days. We will be at Crankworx for the rest of the week so expect more nuggets of video gold about everything from the Whip off Worlds to the guy in the bike shop.

  1. Ralph

    Yay, finally Graves on top… EWS has had some kickass venues thus far.

  2. Ronan

    OMGZ! Graves won on a 26 incher. How could that be?, damn I’m going to sell my 650b now. :-)

    1. WAKi

      Yes! Giant will have to add at least 3 new colourful graphs to that incredible, visualy appealing, seriously scientific material they provided in their latest press release.

  3. TimBud

    $10,000 for the win… Nice one Graves!

  4. Jone

    What happened to Vouilloz?

    1. EmilMP

      He broke his scaphoid in Whistler before the race. Think he is out for the season!

  5. treehuggergraeme

    Christ I thought the winning cheque Graves was holding said $1m for a moment there!!!

  6. Jamazepam

    Worthwhile mention for the top brit surely? Good effort by Joe Barnes, top 10 in a stacked field. Anyone know if he was still on his 120mm bike?

  7. WAKi

    I say, fk that bit with Fabien. Apologize the guy officialy and we can get back to “the 650b spirit of Enduro”

  8. Inequality

    Seems a bit unfair that the men get twice the payday of the women.

    Yeah, they ride faster and attract a bigger following/audience. But the men should just wear it and be happy with equal winnings.


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