Enduro World Series: Quick Pit Randoms #1

The contrast of old and new in Finale’s main square.

The sun has been out today in Finale Ligure and after the riders have eaten as much pasta as possible tonight they will rise early to hit the trails for the final race of the season. This is Super Enduro Italian style and the place is heaving, riders everywhere, bikes any direction you look, this race is easily as big as a World Cup downhill.

We took a walk through the pits to catch up with some of the riders who are taking part as well as speaking to some who are on the spanners this weekend. There is a huge range of riders here, the start list includes some big names. XC World Champion Nino Schurter is here, Brendan Fairclough straight from Rampage, Peaty and the Syndicate crew are in town and no doubt more faces will land on the radar as the racing gets underway.


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