World Cup Race Day Track news

Sunday World Cup track news live from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

If porky survival expert Ray Mears was here in PMB he might incorrectly identify the above as Kudu droppings, and tell you how a herd of about fifteen or twenty passed by just thirty minutes ago.

They are infact the rubber shavings of dry tyres. (To be fair to Ray, they are similar but the Kudu has a supertacky compound.)

The mechanics have been busy all morning with the snips and blades trying to eek out the last drops of rolling speed from the tyres for their riders.

The top five from quali, Hannah, Minnaar, Kovarik, Peat and Atherton have all been out on course for final practise this morning and reports are that conditions are perfect, unlike the grease of yesterday morning.

The women start things off at 13:15 local time. Fastest qualifier Tracy Moseley comes down last at 13:42

Dennis Dertel kicks things off for the men at 14:00, Mick Hannah is last man down at 15:51

DirtTV will have all the video action for you later this evening.

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