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World Cup NewsFlash: Rain stops play

World Cup NewsFlash: Rain stops play

The gondola and chairlift were closed due to heavy rain and thunderstorms meaning that today’s downhill qualifying has been postponed until tomorrow morning.

4x finals will go ahead as usual today.

The new schedule.

reminds me of Glastonbury festival.

That’s not a new look goatee beard for Gee Atherton, that’s Pohorje mud.

The sign on this case in the hotel lobby reads “break case in emergency” I think the case could be broken today.
This Czar’s coat looks an ideal way to keep warm on the hill.

The DirtTV pit chat camera gets some professional waterproofing.

Downhill qualifying has been postponed due to bad weather in Maribor


Next up in Downhill

Saturday Maribor 4x final startlist