World Cup 4x 5-a-raceday photos

Houffalize World Cup 4x 5-a-day photos from Victor Lucas

Graves seemed unbeatable this week. A years holidays at the Olympics seems to have paid off, with another win this weekend. Could this be his year to dominate?

Dan Atherton had plenty of power and threw down some ruthless moves on the inside line of the first corner. He grabbed second behind Graves.

old rivals Kintner and Beerten make it cleanly through the first turn. Kinter looked very determined this weekend. Fastest qualifier. Race winner. Nuff said.

while everybody else was racing, Johnny Magis stopped for some synchronised bike break dancing.

Belgium is famous for the many varieties of sweet waffle you can buy on any street corner. I’ve decided I like Belgium.

Words and Photos:Victor Lucas.

World Cup 4x 5-a-raceday photos from Houffalize, Belgium

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