Victors Friday Fort Five-a-day

There’s a few more new bikes showing up in the pits, Ruaridh
Cunningham and Chris Kovarik will be running the Intense 951 this weekend.
Yes we know Ralph Jones has been running his too.

Peaty tried to catch all the photo geeks out this morning in
a new coloured outfit. We’ll see if blue is a lucky colour for Dr. Old Skool.

Sam Hill went quickest in timed training today. After the
mishap in Andorra, he will be on a mission to get back on top again this week.

Saladini looked good in 4X practice and showed a few people
how it was done when it came to hucking over the new rock section.

Joost ‘the Boost’ Wichman follows up on his win in Andorra
with a fastest qualifying run.

Jill Kintner was quickest in womens 4X by nearly 2 seconds.
She’s looking more determined than ever this weekend.

Victors Friday Fort Five-a-day

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