Val di Sole World Cup talkie cam with Stanny 2012

Dirt Norco team rider Dan Stanbridge talks to himself while riding the insanely rooty, rocky, steep Val di Sole World Cup track!

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  1. Jon

    Always look forward to these – another good job by Dan; he hardly stopped talking!!! I Don’t know how he does it – any footage of me going down the old hill is accompanied with odd breathing sounds! Although, it did teach me that I was holding my breath at points!

  2. Nickkkk

    Dan, is so good at these, as was just mentioned! calm and composed report while doing that…insane! :) good luck Dirt.

  3. Daire

    Great video Danny! Love these as it give you the riders insight. Any chance of a chestcam vid though? Gives a better sense of speed and roughness.


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