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Unofficial report Descent-gear No Clips at Moelfre

Unofficial report Descent-gear No Clips at Moelfre

Iain Woodley

No race reports in ages then two in the same day of the same event…well that’s how we like to roll.

This unofficial report is from one of our Dirt bloggers Ace McJacket, you know the guy they banned for wearing the posh denim jacket?
Here’s his take on things.

Beaten to it this time, nice video on the “proper” write up, then again leaves me free to ramble on about stuff they missed out. And i have got the camera working so managed to get some half decent photos for a change. I didnt get to race this time multi choice pick one or all 3. Skint / entry closed when i had the cash / Still Banned until i change my race kit !


But where to begin ?  how about the story that never was.  Oh yes onto the hardtails, come on you knew it was coming, and we seem to have been missed off the proper write up, shame because there was something brewing up over with us.

In the run up to the race a certain world cup racer on the Chain Reaction Team was booked into HT, this kind of sent some of us a bit nuts, and partly why i drove over from Grimsby to watch.  For us this was a win win thing, i mean we wouldnt expect to beat a world cupper so no shame in 2nd it was to be expected.  However imagine if one of us unlicenced unsponsered  rabble beat him, that would be instant Legend and hero status to who ever pulled it off.   Sadly a camera man “Mono” talked the worldcupper into some filming elsewhere, so he sacked off the race for that.   Imagine the PR coup if he had turned up.  What made up for it (slightly) was the Team boss turned up to watch, this did confuse people when a CRC van turned up but no one raced.  Anyway i got to meet Nigel Page, and the young lady there is his future secret weapon for Racing !  start them young, start them on BMX, as he was there on a chill out day i left him in peace, oh and before anyone comments the worldcupper decided to enter himself and as the season is over he was going to kick back and do HT.   Team CRC have no plans to dominate the Hardtail cat,  be neat if they turned up to next years unofficial Ht champs though (think of the PR, subtle hint that ! )clip11_1

So on to the people behind the event then, Mike from border-line events enjoying a moment of calm with Si Paton, and Rob Lewis the man from Southerndownhill, who got to be a marshall at the event he backed while his team got to play, Rob would rather have been racing, but being a marshall scores hero points.  If no one does it then there would be no racing.


So next we have the other side of being sponsered, it’s not all glam and big pit tents and an army of mechcanics, we have Harry Molloy who is busy cleaning his own bike after practice.  A lot of you out there have this dream image of being sponsered means you get loads of free stuff and race for free !  the reality is that it’s hard work you have to put a hell of a lot in and get your hands dirty, it takes a long time to get up to the level of Peaty and Hill.  So back to Harry who bagged fastest time overall, i guess doing some of the world cups this year has paid off, Top bloke and all round nice person who has the head of an older person, you wouldnt think he’s a teenager when talking to him.  And the Herb clocked up quite a few air miles as well over the weekend.  Future talent, one to watch in next years world cup !


Next a bit of Hard action,  Dom Mcrae won HT on a 24″ wheel microdrive singlespeed 24/7 Dirt jump bike you cant get any more simple than that, someone wants to lend him a susser, really they do !

Cant make out the number of 2nd down sorry fella ! next on the white dmr is Tim Webb a vet in HT he’s older than me and Billy, he battered the living piss out of himself on the first run and was unable to do the 2nd.  Then we have Stuart Bond on a black NS, first run put him in 2nd place, on the second run he pulled the back tyre off the rim which in turn ripped off the mech, took a while to fix but he still managed to finish the run,  never say die, if you can carry the bike or just get it rolling then a late finish over a DNF anyday.  All in a good weekend, as it’s the season ender and 2010 stuff is starting to crop up, well pure riders and descent-gear had an end of season sale on, and there was a carboot vibe as a lot of riders where having a clearout,  it’s worth going just to walk round the carpark and do some shopping if you dont mind second hand or last seasons fashion, if i had the cash i could have bought some new (to me) race gear.  Aim to race it next year. check the links for info and stuff.

Last Bikes can be found at www.2026distribution.com Si Paton runs www.descent-gear.com Rob who backed the race is from www.southerndownhill.com Big Mike the event boss can be found at www.borderline-events.co.uk they have some upcoming uplift days at Moelfre soon as well.   Dave Mellor the boss at www.pureridersco.co.uk if you cant find him at a race.clip9_1

  1. Dirt reader

    er… the hardtail category was mentioned in the “proper” report, in about as much detail as any of the other categories… get over it!

  2. Seb

    “we seem to have been missed off the proper write up”

    I didn’t entirely miss the hardtails out, gave them just as much coverage as any other category… I wasn’t really aware of the details regarding Simmonds, plus I felt I’d already written a lot more than anyone in their right mind would want to read.

    Doesn’t help that I didn’t know I would be persuaded into writing a report until after the event, so hadn’t been running around the pits taking notes/photos!

    I’ll do better next time “Ace”! :)

  3. Jamie_wideopen

    hahaha yeah Ace ‘get over it’! Dissed!

    Good report though mate!

  4. Jason

    Number on the unidentified photo looks like 806 to me…

  5. mike

    bloody hell I need a haircut – where are those clippers!!

  6. Ace

    Dear dirt reader, go find a sense of humour, life is so much better with one !

    Seb, thanks for the killer write up, i did read yours first, so focused on other things that only one person would have missed, but it seems a sense of humour in writing is going to be banned as well. Welcome to the world of race repos, if thats your first it was a good one, come say hello if you see me, as i dont know what you look like.

    Jason, no mate it’s not 806 that was stuart bond who came 2nd, could be 805, then again if i put the wrong name to a number i am sure some random person would have got the hump and told me off, normaly i race so i hang around with everone and know who is who, being on the side of a hill and only seeing people fly by makes it harder to know who they are, perhaps the man of mystery will read this and tell us who he is, then again if i got paid for doing this i might have a better camera and never have blurred photos again !

    Jamie, dissed, yeah baby yeah.

    Dear mike, killer weekend, will race next time.

  7. Seb

    You do know me Iain, maybe not by name but I regularly chat to you at races – most recently the hardtail champs at UK Bike Park :)

  8. Cord

    Good report Ace, and don’t worry, not all readers have had experimental Sense of Humour Bypass surgery.

  9. Ace

    Oh man i am going to look like a right knob when i bump into Seb at race. He acebooked me so we are friends really, buy you a tea at the next race man.
    Cheers Cord, you get a cup of tea as well, come say hello if you see me at a race.

  10. stubacca

    The rider is Barry Glover, he got 3rd. Where the hell can i get an NS mech hanger?

  11. Seb

Next up in Downhill