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Team Mythic Track walk/banter

Team Mythic Track walk/banter

James Renwick James Renwick

Here’s another track walk for you, this time with the people’s favourites Adam Brayton and Tom Deacon as they reveal some hidden lines, wallrides of death and a fart exhaust.

“Dunno what happened to the days of just smashing into shit”

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  1. Matty

    Adam’s so funny :L Can’t wait for Sunday 😛

  2. Cord

    Ha ha ha, love the Adam and “Joey” show!!!

  3. Dan B

    looking forward to the friday practice video

  4. LYTHY

    Fucking class

  5. Dom

    That was a great video, funny, with a really good vibe, but… we can’t see what they’re talking about! “Double option over the hole, or through the whole and triple out” but WHAT HOLE? Don’t wanna sound like an arse, but seeing more of the track on a “track walk” would be great. Look forward to more of this style, just maybe with a bit more to see other than the lads (as gorgeous as they are).

  6. Martin


  7. macho

    Haha, fair play to them.

  8. Messy

    Slugs are probably what I would get distracted with if asked to walk a 2km DH track! Only so many roots you can look at before going completely insane.


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