Sunday Pit Randoms Photo Gallery - Fort William World Cup

  1. DAN+W

    The bike in the back of Pedros van must be a new Marz Prototype… Wouldnt mind getting my hands on a bottle of Peatys finest.

    1. DAN+W

      Also, Pedros set up makes me a little to excited, what I wouldn’t give to get to spend a few hours in there tinkering.

  2. Big+Bird

    Who drinks beer with a straw? Or is that how you lot drink your cider?

  3. Ricky Hill

    Big+Bird, There is actually a scientific reason for the straws, we discovered last year when dressed as Mexicans the tash soaks up the beer and falls off…and we couldn’t be having that, although the rookie as you can see made that error. Tally ho chaps.


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