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Emmeline Ragot has stormed to a four second (almost) victory in women’s qualifying today.

Dark clouds loomed overhead and a light sprinkling of rain began to fall just ten minutes before womens qualifying. Fortunately the impending shower passed and we were treated to a scorchio of a qualifying session.
Lack of score board made it tricky to work out who finished where. Sabrina didn’t look happy with her run, nor did Tracy for that matter as she scooted straight back to the pits. It’s one hell of a physical track, not in the pedalling sense but in the amount of abuse the upper body gets battling through the rocks, roots and compressions.

It’s certainly shaping up to be an exciting final on Sunday.


Emmeline Ragot only just got her new bike built up late this morning.


Ragot attributes success to her lucky ladybird mascot.

Great to see Tracy Moseley up there, putting almost 5 seconds into third place Jonnier. But it is almost total French domination. We are pretty sure that it is top 20 only who will qualify for the final on Sunday, so Brit Fionn Griffiths is out.


Manon Carpenter with another great qualifing result in 7th.


How the women will line up for the finals on Sunday.

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  1. jay

    the french women are crap at DH

  2. Drew B

    Go Manon!

  3. Tim Wild

    Is the track dry or muddy today?

  4. Michele

    Jay catch yourself on the French women have been dominating downhill this year and last!!!

  5. jimjam

    can anyone tell me why qualifying is today when the race is on sunday?

  6. AC

    Not sure JimJam, is a bit odd. On the upside though, Gee’s got pole again 😀

  7. AC

    Any word on why Katy didn’t start dirt – is she ok?

  8. AC

    Has it started raining as well? Some quickish guys coming down at the moment but they’re all 10-20 seconds off of Gee at the first split!

  9. Tim Wild

    Not just that AC – he has just got about 40 points on Greg; this puts him in the lead overall… Yeah Gee!!!!!!!

  10. stooky

    Cracking by Gee… now a solid run and he should be good for the leaders jersey!

    But Danny Hart, a complete peni, however a cracking riding from him hope he manages to stay in that kinda position.
    He’s looking fast on the triride vid, could possibly podium this weekend?

  11. AndyLux

    Christ, Ratboy might get to race day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. AndyLux

    Congrats Josh, Good Quallie!

  13. M Bryceland

    How did Ratboy quali?? Where can I see the Live results!! The phone siganl is crap there and I want to know! The suspense is killing me!!

  14. M Bryceland

    4th!! Yay!! Go Rat x

  15. billy

    @AC, seen Katy walking round the pits, I’ll try and find out why she DNS.
    We had a few droplets of rain at 14.00pm but it’s been dry ever since.

  16. pascal

    WOW, the young guns are taking over!

  17. billy

    @AC, Katy said is concentrating on 4x as she wasn’t enjoying the downhill…just banged in a 3rd place in 4x qualies!

  18. james

    the m9 looks so sick in green


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