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MS Mondraker at Windham WC

MS Mondraker at Windham WC

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Join Emmeline Ragot, Brook MacDonald, Markus Pekoll and Damien Spagnolo as they take on World Cup rd#5 at Windham in the USA.

Great feel to this edit!

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  1. unleash

    enjoyed that ,really wanted emmaline to win windham she,s a charger maybe next round aye.

  2. Thebear

    Not a brilliant weekend for the team, but a belter of a video.

    I was absolutely SCREAMING at the live feed when Spagnolo was coming down the hill. He was, as Rob put it, Fully lit!

  3. Thebear

    Note, gutted for Miss Ragot, specially given as Rachael cheated to win and then was so ungracious (as ever) in doing so.

  4. Tom P

    yeah excellent video

  5. rmac

    cheeky arse at the 4.40mark lol

  6. Machete

    i don’t know why everyone is like, hating on rachel atherton. she won the race, i mean like, it’s not like she cheated. like, she went outside the tapes but like, she didn’t, like, gain anything. i mean like, all she gained was the chance to like, use an out of bounds area to save her massive mistake and then like, pedal back up to speed and rejoin the track. what’s like, wrong with that?

  7. Chris F


    Without a doubt one of the greatest WC edits i have ever had the pleasure to watch.

  8. dirt doidger

    @the bear – hey, you French? seriously though shut up, go to Pinkbike or somewhere similar where nonsical idiots may actually care about your irrelevant view that is without substance, hey maybe you can get some props for speakin out man.

  9. dirt doidger

    must admit though it was a wounder for Ragot but that’s racin’

  10. slim

    By far the best team edit I’ve seen, ever!

    As an aside; what we need is ‘digital tape line technology’ to see if the rider actually crossed the tape and left the track. Then we wouldn’t have to rely on old fashioned, analogue, UCI referees to make the final decision. . .

  11. CC

    Oscar for this Edit.

  12. Big Bird

    Well done Tri-Ride. Oscar quality.

  13. Greg

    triride as usual…epic

  14. badmanCustomz

    by far one of the best wc edit i watched music,riding,filming = #quality
    i like it
    i like it

  15. Si

    Now thats a top dollar edit, bloody brilliant!


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