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Leogang World Cup Team Videos 2011

Leogang World Cup Team Videos 2011

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

UPDATED. Boom! Leogang World Cup done and dusted. Though there wasn’t much in the way of dust!

Roll on the team videos, keep an eye out because I’ll be constantly updating this list.

MPORA Action Sports >>

RSP 2011: Podcast #03 – Leogang >>


MPORA Action Sports >>

Leogang Mondraker Factory Team

More Mountain Biking Videos >>

Brit TV – Leogang Day 2, Qualifying

MPORA Action Sports >>

Banshee Factory WC Team rides Schladming and Leogang

MPORA Action Sports >>


  1. Craigy

    Challenging Count: 4

  2. VonDH

    Simply class

  3. carrot

    black cap ontop of them 40’s? something special?

  4. Dan

    nice work shakey lakey its really great

  5. jonzo

    What’s the mudguard Fab’s running… anyone?

  6. Justin

    What ever happened to the monster specialized team videos?? Seems like ive been waiting for the ft. Bill one for years… Cmon john lawlor

  7. tom

    To people that have a go at fabien – he can probably speak english better than you speak french.

  8. cooke

    cheers dirt this is exactly how to make my day arfter a history exam 😉

  9. jimjam

    Really liking all this video coverage. Really f*cking hating the constant embedded adds which keep popping up and causing the player to drop frames. Once is bordering on ignorant, three or four is just whorish.

  10. stooky

    @Tom his accent on the word challanging is nearly as good as my french when I say “Bon”.

  11. Jonzo

    @stooky your French has got to be better than your English spelling.

  12. Bruno

    3:55 .. Why did Barel trained the outside line and went by de inside line in the finals.. to CRASH ????

  13. MmmBones

    Fork mounted turbo booster. He just pushes the button and Boooosh! Turbo technology doesn’t pay for itself folks, that’s why all the ads. They need to do more testing as it’s wilder than a Prius with a stuck pedal.

  14. Tim Lake

    Lawlor would have gone straight to Leogang from Fort Bill and probably didn’t have a lot of time. You’ll probably see a Bumper Monster-Spesh and Giant one all at once.

  15. jusso11

    song in the brayton video?

  16. Jack

    Bernard Kerrs comedy crash in Brit tv video is hilarious (in a nice way of cours)

  17. Dan

    To people that have a go at fabien – I will kill you

  18. stooky

    @Jonzo yeah my French is pretty dialed in. I can even order a can of coke
    and that is challenging.


  19. jonzo

    @stooky.. Oui. Bien mieux !

  20. stooky


  21. rob

    Please can you make the videos go full screen please dirt. muchos appreciated.

  22. Isaac

    RSP videos are always sick. Tomas is a tank.

  23. carrot


  24. Dan


  25. Philby

    Those massive 50″ Mondrakers look like they’re crawling along yet the time sheet says Fabien was flying. I wonder if anyone else is going to follow Mondrakers geometry lead???

  26. James

    heres the monster energy specialized vid:


  27. Mary

    Love the Schladders vid, what’s the tune?

  28. olliebongo

    Those RSP boys are mad as fook, big respect to Tomas “The Tanker” Slavik, still stoked to be in 3rd. you can bet your edelweiss schnapps that some of the DH boys wouldnt be as positive and gracious. Great Vids as always.


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