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Leogang 2011 World Cup Preview

Leogang 2011 World Cup Preview

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Schedule, weather forecast, helmet camera and more in our preview of the 2011 Leogang World Cup.

2011 UCI World Cup #3 gets underway today with DH course walk and 4x practise.

This is the second year that the World Cup circus has travelled to Leogang. What happened last year? Well, Greg Minnaar took the win by 0.74 from Gee Atherton, Josh Bryceland had a massive slam into a tree. Sabrina Jonnier won the womens final, Rachel Atherton crashed big time dislocating her shoulder.

Jared Graves and Anneke Beerten were top dogs in the 4x, read the 2010 report here.

DirtTV:Leogang World Cup track teaser

Leogang World Cup DH Track Photos

Leogang World Cup 4x track photos

Leogang 2011 World Cup schedule

Leogang weather forecast, get the cut spikes ready!

2010 Leogang world cup results 2010 Leogang DH results

The 2010 Leogang World Cup results.

Read the full 2010 World Cup story from Leogang

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Josh Bryceland had a massive slam last year.

  1. Dylan

    Comment deleted. I didn’t care very much for your foul language. Please keep it clean. Billy

  2. rick

    where you always got this weather forecast screenshot from?

  3. maverickdh05

    Minnar was awesome on this track last year.

    I’m picking Gee and Rachel FTW, but GM is going to be hard to beat here and for the overall title, the pretenders like Gwin and co still have yet to show the pointy end when the pressure mounts, still early days but this round should show the full metal jacket.

  4. VonDH

    If the weather is nice its going to be a hell of a race.

  5. dirt dodger

    or if its wet VonDH – it was a cracker last year too. cannot wait to watch this ! I reckon Sam is going push along a bit on this track. Hope Peaty gets a podium though – preferably top step for him or Gee.

  6. g

    parts look unbelievably good! the middle seems a slog though….

  7. Nat

    What does the ‘Downhil Rider Intro >>> Top 5 Women then Top 5 Men’ mean on the schedule for Sunday?

  8. binturong

    hey maverick, how is gwin a pretender? did you not watch WC round 1 in SA and see the split at Ft. Bill before he crased in the woods, and still managned to pull a podium? oh and this is only his 3rd full season of dh. wow hes pretending to be incredible very very well.

  9. billy

    Nat, just what it says on the tin, they’ll probably roll across the finish arena and the Austrian (please let it be Dan and Chris) compare will say: “Ladies and Gentlemen…please welcome…all the way from Llanygynyog…Rachel Atherton” etc

  10. r-mac

    brycleands crashes were gnarly

  11. maverickdh05

    bintrong might have come across wrong I don’t mean hes not ready or capable I’m a fan of his and loved how hes started the season, I hope he’s on target, definitely got the speed and maybe the fastest and fittest this year, just saying that the real hard test comes now with pressure, I mean pretenders in the best way not negatively.

    Its about this time when you see who handles pressure best its a short season and consistency pays off not just being the fastest, something Gee and GM did incredibly well last year which could have gone either way.

    Let it rumble.

  12. Steven

    @rick, the weather forecast comes from snow-forecast.com. It covers 99%+ of ski resorts in the world which include most of the world cup DH venues


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