La Bresse World Cup 5-a-day

5-a-day from the lens of World Cup photographer Victor Lucas.

Ben Reid – this is what it looks like when you snap the ligaments in your AC shoulder/collarbone joint. Its pretty common and some people just live with it. Ben says ‘been riding the crosser and she’s good to go’

Team America with their new hand crafted pit banner supplied by Jill Kintner.

The sign says ‘Bike and Accessories for sale, 3rd place in the descent of Grange de Fenil 1952.

Billy Trailmix – a man out standing in his own field. Either he’s showing us the location of his accomodation after just booking on, or perhaps doing an impression of a weather forecaster.

Keith the camping photographer is back on the World Cup trail. This time in a EUR20 tent after ‘Air France stole my pants and socks’

photographs from La Bresse France from Victor Lucas

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