La Bresse day one weather report

Day one weather and schedule from La Bresse, France.

This is what Google reckons the weather will be doing over the next few days.

And below is a picture of the weather today.
It matches the forecast so far but I really do hope it stays sunny. A wet race would be fun for the drama, but not fun if you had to leave your house in a hurry (see earlier story) and forgot things like: rain coat, hat, more than one pair of shoes, gloves, any wet weather gear at all. And instead just had one pair of shorts.

The view from my bunk house in La Bresse, France.

This view is facing down the valley. The track is the other way and about one mile away. Also the press room is not open till late this afternoon so updates will be sketchy today as I leave the internet safe zone of my French gîte, but stay tuned for track pictures and day one DirtTV videos.

La Bresse DH schedule.

La Bresse day one weather report

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