Houffalize 5-a-day world cup 4x photos

Sorry we’re a day behind the Belgians. Here’s 5-a-day from the World Cup 4x in Houffalize by Victor Lucas.

For a change, there isn’t a tree or a root in sight on the 4-cross course. Nice and open. But it’s pretty short with Graves fastest qualifying time coming in at just under 46 seconds.

The 4X uplift track was as steep as the course. The pickups needed a running start to make it up – I love the smell of burning rubber early in the morning.

Graves is looking strong and smooth. He’s got to be the favourite for a second WC win this season.

With no WC DH this week, Gee Atherton is having a weekend off and racing 4X. He still managed to qualify 9th.

Bicycles have always been popular in Belgium. This is an early DH racer from ‘back in the day’

Words and Photos:Victor Lucas.

5-a-day Houffalize world cup 4x photos from Victor Lucas

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