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OK, so this is the big one, a possible defining moment, as these qualifying points are crucial. It looks like Minnaar has had a shocker, almost 10 seconds down on arch rival Gee Atherton. He was already down on the split times but he also crashed on the drops near the end of the course. This also means that for around 48 hours Atherton will be leading the series on points (but Minnaar will keep the jersey), Gee will be on 867 points and Greg on 840..


1st. Gee Atherton with a double thumbs up wins Val di Sole qualifying in a repeat of the 2008 Worlds. With Minnaar having an off, Gee takes the lead in the points gap


2nd. Point a camera at Sam Blenkinsop and he’ll pull you a quirky face every time. Blenky who has a habit of winning qualis recently, said he prefers not having the pressure of being last man down on finals day here.


3rd. Aaron Gwin is loving this track. The wide taping is just what he’s used to with his moto back ground and reckons he’s pulling lines that no one else has tried.


4th. Josh “Ratty” Bryceland got the kick up the arse he needed by not qualifying in Champery, this made him mad, really mad, and more determind than ever today…it worked a treat.

15th. Greg Minnaar said he had a solid run until sliding out on the loose gravel on the right hand drop coming into open bottom section. How close will the points be after Sundays final? It’s setting up to be a thrilling finish with just Windham to go after the final on Sunday.


Brook MacDonald gets save of the day after launching the big stepdown into the finish field, landing outside the tapes and taking down a dozen wooden stakes.

Full results:


Check out Sundays starting order below:


  1. Nick Hamilton

    Get it updated!! Bryceland just shot in to 4th!!!

  2. Rob

    Pressure is on Minnaar now…

  3. bob

    gee is flying

  4. tom

    yes brycleland!!! i hope the pressure doesn’t get to him

  5. Renners

    Nice to see I’m not the only person addicted to UCI’s live timing

  6. billy

    Hey Nick, get yerself on Twitter. I’ve only got one pair of hands!

  7. Mark

    Why is Ben Reid down as DNS on the UCI live timing?

  8. Tim Wild

    My crap maths gives Gee a 27 point lead overall right now. Greg could place 3rd and Gee 4th on Sunday and Gee would still have the overall lead. Looks like Greg is going to have a long time in the hot seat on Sunday. Cant wait…again…

  9. Lane

    good to see so many brits in the top 10

  10. douda

    that’s two 2nd places and two 1st places in quali for blinky. good quali too for dam spagnolo!!!

  11. Finkill

    Danny Hart in 6th, great result!

  12. sambo

    go on danny!

  13. billy

    Ben Reid damaged his hand last weekend in Champery in the final. He was on the start list here but seemingly decided to give it a miss.

  14. Tom.D

    Yeh Gee man! And what a comeback for Josh, last week didn’t make the top 80 now hes sitting in 4th, smash it up lad.

  15. CJ

    yeah gee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. billy

    Reidy was dosed up on horse pills but after a few painful runs this morning decided to pull out.

  17. M Bryceland

    Yeahhhh Ratty!!

  18. tom

    yeah, lew buchanan 28th and sam flockhart 55th. good result for british juniors.

  19. billy

    Lew was flying from day one, doing the massive rock double lines up top.

  20. Scott E

    Can’t wait for the full result, nice to read that Lewis B and Sam Flockhart qualified, they should really be qualifying at every round! Scottish Juniors ftw!

  21. Jordan


  22. Gaz

    Great results for all the brits but what happened to Bryn Atkinson and Nick Beer? Gud job there protected.

  23. Glenn

    Anyone but George. Seems like i’m the only one that can’t stand him!

  24. CJ

    Brosnan didn’t qualify :(

  25. dav

    Be funny if Spagnolo got another good result this weekend in good conditions and see what Martin Whiteley says. Looks like he beat Leov fair and square in qualifying at least!

  26. Dirty Dee

    woah! lots of big shots puttin in some bad times, this track is really sortin the men from the boys

  27. mark

    well done to the british juniors who quilified.Maybe they should be top 80,but its very hard to get there.
    Cant wait till Sunday !!

  28. Tom

    Gee only won because he was wearing the magic thirtybucks-balance-hologram-death-magnetic wristband.

  29. billy

    @Gaz, Bryn and Beer both crashed.

  30. pop

    Have it GEE!!

  31. Trevor

    Go GWIN!

  32. dirty harold

    get in

  33. dirty harold

    get in Bryceland Blenkoid for the Win !!! BOOOOOOM

  34. Von DH

    Good result for Gee, Would liked to have seen Sam H running this event, hope to see you back sooon

  35. ronin

    GWIN.GEE.BRYCE.MINAAR for finals

  36. rosco

    Go on Gee my son, get up there shep

  37. gary

    wheres the wrecking ball?

  38. Noah

    Brad Benedict in the house!

  39. mark

    Remember,seeding is exactly what it says!!! Should be a great final,c’mon SAM and LEW.Two of Chris Ball’s young guns!

  40. Queenstown Massive


  41. billy

    @Gary, Wrecking Ball didn’t get an entry, some sort of cock up.

  42. Mikaël

    3 frenchies in the top 20!!!!
    R.Paulhan, follow him he’s going up and up and he’s hungry!!
    D.Spagnolo, powered by F.Barel. He is in full confidence with his last week result.
    It will be really interesting on Sunday, can’t wait!!

  43. gustric

    “Go Blinky’…hell yeah!! Kiwi land is watching

  44. matizz

    Really hope Minnaar kips it together and takes it, this and the world cup season..

  45. George

    Man I hate gee so much.


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