La Bresse Friday 5-a-day

Friday Practise at La Bresse, France.

“5″ become “6″ in this French extravaganza from the super talented eyes of world famous photographers Victor Lucas and Gary Perkin

Aussie junior Shaun O’Connor drifts his Playbiker Ironhouse over a steep crest.

Victor Lucas

This is a prototype Hutchinson mud tyre. But to take a photo I had to promise not to say who’s bike it was on!

Victor Lucas

Mick Hannah running number 2 after his success in South Africa. Lets see how he does on this very different style of track.

Victor Lucas

Duncan Riffle puts some gnar into the morning’s events … and for
once he isn’t being closely followed by team mate and brother from
another mother Brad Benedict.

Gary Perkin

The tables are turned on Dirt TV … now renamed GMTV after new host
Greg Minnaar of Santa Cruz Syndicate … the ever versatile Kathy
Sessler shows another of her many talents!
The parttime correspondent
for Rabbit and Ferreters Monthly Billy Trailmix looks more like a
deer in the headlights than the anchor role he is used to playing. (Editors note:just to reassure viewers, that extremely embarrassing video tape has been humanely destroyed.)

Gary Perkin

Steve Peat of Santa Cruz Syndicate scopes out the latest line through
the moors of Scotland … not quite. The natural track in La Bresse
has really thrown the cat among the pigeons with lines continuously
changing … but Old Skool as always leads the way.

Gary Perkin

photographs from Friday practise at La Bresse Mountain Bike World Cup downhill in France

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