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Emmeline Ragot Wins Women's Champery World Cup DH

Emmeline Ragot Wins Women's Champery World Cup DH

James Renwick James Renwick

It’s been a long time coming but today Emmeline Ragot won her first World Cup with an amazing 4.87 second lead over second position Sabrina Jonnier.

The French dominated the podium in Champery with Jonnier taking 2nd, Myriam Nicole 3rd and Florianne Pugin 4th. Tracy Moseley took 5th in the difficult conditions.
Welsh Junior rider Manon Carpenter once again proved she is going to be a force to be reckoned with when she moves up to Elites, 6th place with two crashes only 6 seconds off the podium.

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  1. Anoobis

    Shame about the french podium, thanks tracey for adding a bit of british up there! and way to go manon – crazy good year, looking forward to the race report!

  2. tim grant

    Go Manon. Nice one.

  3. LYTHY

    yeh Manon!

  4. Daniel

    Congrats to Emmeline! One question I had though is why does she run her bars so high? I don’t know how she is able to ride so fast with that setup but if it works for her I guess she should stick with it. I wonder if she has ever tried a lower bar setup?

  5. Joaquin Badass

    She actually runs them almost flat (from what I recall from videos), thing is that she is really small, so it gives that impression.
    I guess she could always drop them a few mils (with something like a Canfield Brothers stem and flat bars) but that’s about it.

  6. Daniel

    @ Joaquin: The setup you mention is just what I had in mind. That’s two inches right there. A massive difference in bar height by any standard and for a smaller rider the difference is amplified even more.


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