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DirtTV: World Cup Finals

DirtTV: World Cup Finals

Mens podium for the final race of the World Cup here in Leogang.

The last rider, the last race and it was all down to one man. Steve Smith would battle it out with Gee Atherton for the overall title in the dying moments of the 2013 season.

Rachel Atherton wrapped up the women’s overall, she may have been beaten on the day by Emmeline Ragot but she adds the World Cup overall title for 2013 to her rainbow stripes from South Africa. Coming down to the last race but with a solid points gap and the form of her life Rachel needed a decent result to claim the title. 2nd in Leogang was enough and with Manon Carpenter taking 3rd, the Brits had done well. Jill Kintner has definitely still got World Cup speed taking 4th place with Myriam Nicole rounding off the women’s podium in 5th.

Steve Smith took the pressure like a true champion and set off from the top with one goal. He was going to get a radio message if anything had happened to Gee on his run, no message came, the Canadian had to put in the run of his life.

Before this epic climax to the World Cup overall title chase there had been some stunning runs. Josh Bryceland put in a blinder and took the hotseat, with Peaty one side and Gutierrez on the other there were six to go.

Brosnan came down with much anticipation, but after a mistake slowed him he couldn’t dent the top three times. Blenkinsop on his now familiar 650b wheels and even wearing gloves was only 0.04 back at the first then 0.432 back at the second split. Finishing 0.918 back and taking Peaty’s spot on the podium it was time for his young team mate’s run. The French thunderstorm, Loic Bruni was lightning. 1.7 up at the first split and by the second he had stretched the gap to over 2 seconds. Over the line he took Bryceland’s place in the hotseat, it looked like he could have even done enough for the win, and he’s only 19!

Now the battle was on, Gee on track and he needed to go fast enough to keep Smith away. He looked accurate, pinned to his lines, first split and he was up by 0.250. Atherton looked smooth but it wasn’t enough for split two, 0.695 back with just the last section to go. It wasn’t to be. 2nd place for Gee behind the young Frenchman.

Mick Hannah has been getting closer and closer to the top step all season. Sik Mik had the power and he was up at split one by 0.404 but then, like Gee before him, lost time on Bruni during split two and was 0.838 back. Pushing at the bottom he slotted into 2nd and in doing so moved Gee to in third, only two spots left ahead of Atherton and Smith needed one of the them.

No radio call. Gee must have had a good one. Smith sets off and the chainsaw teeth were devouring the track in Leogang. 1st split and Smith’s speed is proven in the digits, nearly two seconds up he was faster than the electric young Frenchman. Holding speed in to the next section Smith was still almost two seconds up at split 2, he nailed the bottom section crossing the line he wrote a new chapter in the downhill world cup history book. The first Canadian to win a World Cup overall title. 1.311 seconds was the gap to 2nd place, Smith had done it.

So that’s it for the 2013 World Cup season, we’d like to thank Rob and John Parkin for their superb work, late nights and the mental schedule they undertake so that you can see their edits. Also to Laurence Crossman-Emms who has produced some amazing shots this year and again worked long into the night to make sure we have the best shots online as soon as humanly possible. We know you all appreciate the work these guys put in so let them know in the comments!

We have a lot planned outside the race season and we still have the final Enduro race in a few weeks so keep an eye out for more form DirtTV soon.

Here are the overall standings:




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  1. Oz

    I don’t know if Gee does it on purpose but after saying ‘watch a couple of GoPros, have a Red Bull’ he might aswell have carried on and said ‘wear my One Industries Hoodie, make some final tweaks to my fox suspension, Shimano components and GT bike using my Silverline tools, then drive back to the race in our Vito Sport’. Someone needs to tell him that shameless sponsor plugs are for the 1990’s and motocross. Apart from that, awesome vid and what an epic race. Congrats to Stevie and hard luck for Gee, but Stevie has dominated that last 3 WCs.

    1. Tom

      To be fair Oz, shameless or not it is his job at the end of the day and those sponsors are the reason that he has the support that he does. It’s just become part and parcel of the extreme sports world now and if we want to see the profile of Downhill continually increase then then more sponsors/products = more coverage. Although at the end of the day the best payoff a sponsor can get is seeing their man fastest down the hill, I expect to see a lot more Devincis on the scene next season!

    2. Hypermoto

      Notice how you didn’t have to pay a dime to watch the race? Let the sponsors have their overexposure, its a small price to pay for the type of coverage we’re getting nowdays. The more sponsor exposure there is, the more other brands (hopefully outside the cycling industry) will see the viability of sponsoring DH MTB. Sponsorship is a good sign, means the sport is on the rise.

      1. Hanz blix

        Yeah, he should have said “watch some helmet camera footage and sip on a carbonated sports drink.”, how unprofessional!

      2. Oz

        My point is that this type of sponsor plugging is so blatant, that I personally find it uncomfortable to watch. Saying ‘I drink Red Bull’ whilst wearing a Red Bull hat FFS. We know he’s a RedBull athlete. Give it a rest for once, and try to answer interviews in a more personable, honest way. He might even win more fans – Gee has been criticised this year for looking a bit, well, miserable. No other riders plug sponsors during interviews, and whilst they probably can’t commend the Atherton salaries, they make the sport look a whole lot more relaxed and cool. Outside sponsorship is great, but DH will always be a niche sport, and most sponsorship will come from within the industry, which is where image matters most.

  2. CriDavies

    Well said Tom. Giving a shout out to your sponsors is part of pretty much any sport these days so I don’t think the hating on Gee is needed to be fair. In fact, I dont really see the point in all the stick people have been dishing out to Gee lately. We’ve all seen episodes of the Atherton project that show Gee in his normal mode and he seems like a top bloke and not miserable at all. People need to realise that all these guys put in a lot of graft to be where they are and giving them grief for being “too serious” on race day is ridiculous. Gee is one of the best all-round riders in the world and his career shows that. Anyway, rant over but I’ll just finish by saying Stevie Smith was unbelievable yesterday and put it all on the line for the win. The best man won on the day and I was just glad neither Gee or Steve had a crash/mechanical/flat and we got to see who was fastest down the track.

  3. Jan

    What did Rachel say to Gee just before he goes “Oh my God.”?

    1. AK

      “You’ve got to do a photoshoot on Wednesday”

      Poor old Gee. Them’s the breaks I suppose.

  4. Elvis Lad

    I get slated everytime i say this but it needs to be said again…STOP PUTTING MUSIC TRACKS on the videos,if we want to listen to a track over the footage then we can but if we want to hear the bikes scrabbling for grip etc we cant cos u think uve chosen the right music for the vid,its a lame way of making bike vids,especially race vids,just the original audio please,then everyone is catered for.

    1. Ben

      To use the word ‘lame’ when talking about these incredible videos is, I think, unbelievable. Shame on you.

      1. TmBud

        There is a reason you get slated every time for saying that…

  5. Maya Rider

    says channel unavailable?

    1. Big Dawg


      1. Maya Rider

        this link worked, ie, using the ‘ new player’.

  6. Ben

    Jack Reading – always taking any opportunity for a scratch and sniff.

  7. 32SpokesMTB

    Where is the embed code? O_O

  8. TmBud

    Super nice edit chaps…

    Gutted that Gee won’t be at Rampage. Which dick at GT ordered that… probably doesn’t wanting him beating Kyle Strait again, lol.

  9. Fdog

    Gutted for gee but Well done Stevie, been a great season. Great vid and great choice of soundtrack, elvis your an idiot.

  10. David

    Name of first song ? Thank’s

  11. Iloper

    Thank you DIRTTV

    Congrats to Stevie, MIck, Loic and BLenki.

  12. Ron Horse

    Elvis Lad get yourself over to Vitalmtb and check out the RAW WC vids, no annoying music just real footage & 100% commitment and no slow-mo! Jaw dropping stuff.

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