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DirtTV: Vallnord World Cup 2013 - Finals

DirtTV: Vallnord World Cup 2013 - Finals

DirtTV brings you all the action from what has to be the greatest World Cup race this year.

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  1. Jon

    Remi is one cool dude….Nice to see the softer side of such a brutal WC racer….Great work guys….

  2. greg

    ace! Especially appreciated the two songs, or was it three, for such a long edit instead of the one-song-drone of edits past. Thanks for documenting the races in such a spectacular manner

  3. A+Focker

    What a fantastic edit. Great work :)

  4. Downhill Worldcup rocks!

    It´s awesome to see Remi winning and he deserved it 100%. His run, especially the bottom section, was just perfect!

    Really happy to see a rider working himself trough the ranks with ups and downs over the years and now finally winning a worldcup against the best of our sport.

  5. Eoin

    Unreal to hear CG sounding almost starstruck next to Sam Hill! Great edit!

  6. Sarah


    Thanks especially for the clips of that final drop coming out of the woods – watching Gee boot himself back onto the line v. Thirion’s line, wow!

  7. Paul

    Would of been too close to call without Gee’s wobble at the bottom……..what’s happened to Finally 4 though?

  8. CC

    Good one. Good sound bites.

  9. ridemonkey has spoken

    music loud, interviews quiet. can the audio be normalized for these videos?

  10. ronin

    great edit. that bottom section for remi was great. with fb and cg no longer on the circuit perhaps a renaissance

  11. bedders

    Yep, great edit. Any news on Can Cole?

  12. jbrads26

    CG is a true legend. Interesting to hear him speaking about Sam as well… SO many good guys currently, but these are definitely the two riders I respect the most.

    Cheers for the awesome footage as always!

  13. Ron Horse

    Chapeau CG, words fail me on the music choice….Liam Gallagher has no need to be anywhere near a microphone ever.


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