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DirtTV: Vallnord - Thursday Practice

DirtTV: Vallnord - Thursday Practice

Boom boom boom! Some cracking footage from yesterday’s practice, the track looks pretty unforgiving and unbelievably fast… It’s going to make for some superb racing on Sunday.

  1. TimBud

    Damn, I just transferred Brook into my fantasy team…

  2. ManDher Man

    what song this video…

  3. part time

    Palma Violets – Best of friends

  4. Eoin

    Looks so good! Great to see some flat pedal riders taking some wild lines! Although nothing beat vital’s clip of Sik Mick shouting “enduro” before cutting the course!

  5. dirt dodger

    FLAT PEDAL THUUUUNNDDEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR….3 things caught my eye….1: Danny and Sam taking similar lines :-) , 2: Gwinn on pink proto, wonder what’s happening there? 3. Remi doing a lot of suspension testing..

    1. Ed

      Gwin has a new longer rear end…

      1. stooky

        Is he not also on bigger(semi clown) wheels?

  6. SXtrail

    Brayton is back! Wow! So soon. Thanks for a great edit.

  7. Tombola

    Player is soooooo juddery!

  8. Live talk

    Other than Brendawg and Masters being parkin buddies why do they continue to interview them? Weak results compared to others and not even amusing/intersting

    1. James

      Good point, especially with Fairclough getting 9th in quali with a flat…

  9. James

    One of the best vids i’ve seen in a while, sam hill’s high off camber line with the rear sliding down the hill. and the slow mo of remi’s bike getting a battering. top song too. loved it.


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