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DirtTV: Val di Sole Finals

DirtTV: Val di Sole Finals

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DirtTV: Val di Sole Finals a Mountain Biking video by orpheusproductions

What a weekend! The Atherton’s dominated in both qualifying and finals to make it another double win in Val di Sole. Gee smashed his qualifying time of 3:15.475 by 3 seconds, and Rach dominated the Women with a five second lead. Check out all the best action from Val di Sole, and watch Steve Jones, and Sven Martin talk about all things World Cup.

There was some tough competition this weekend with everyone fighting to get podium, we saw some crashes, and everyone get a little bit wild on a super tough track. The next round is on July 27-28th, in Vallnord, Andora and it should be another awesome race.

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  1. JB

    That was awesome thanks guys

  2. Eoin

    All the way to the end Sven, all the way…

  3. Mr+Powermutant

    :( I thought I was in for 31mins of Parkin Bros magic.

    1. Skud


    2. Ben

      …and thats exactly what you got you pudding.

  4. Shifty

    Great video, Steve Jones should go to all the world cup races…

  5. dan+j

    That was brilliant, both parts. Rach is so normal, it is great!

  6. lolwtf

    lol Rach got drunk a little

  7. L Dizzle

    Great video, nice recap of the race but the post race banter and behind the scenes chat was brilliant – more of this please.

  8. Doug

    Funny as.

  9. JC

    Great stuff!

  10. Brook's Beard

    Analysis, however chaotic, is what we’ve been missing. More.

  11. Hancock

    Pringles! You guys have the best world cup edits.
    Serious question though, why is your film letter boxed? My screen’s 16:9 so this must be super narrow, is there any reason for it?

  12. Mike Lafortune

    Right to the end. Buzzed Rach was hilarious.

  13. Snag

    Can u get Rachel athwart on drunk more often. That the first time I’ve actually thought she cme across as her and sounded really nice rather than talking rubbish. Enjoyed that

  14. Tino

    Great stuff and adding so much to such a short season. More more more please. I was over the moon that enduro was getting hype etc but Minnaar had it right – people will come back to DH for the speed. Last two weeks have been excellent.

  15. Crooky

    That was an awesome edit, thanks dirt TV!!

  16. Vittorio Sartori

    Watched the race at trackside … but this recap is awesome … that Thirion passage was INSANE watched live …. !!!

  17. fanboy

    Wow, these two last race videos with after chit chat have been the best ever. Please keep up talking afterwards, so much interesting stuff comes out. And fun. :)

    I think Hill definitely has the speed and the want to win this year, we’ll see..

  18. Lucie

    Bloody brilliant work chaps. It was lovely to have an interview with Rach being herself instead of the normal soundbites we get. I had been trying to work out if the Athertons had changed or it was just a corporate front. I much prefer the hammered version, and interestingly much less “you know”. Basically drunken interviews are so the way forward!

  19. Pete

    bloody raging cant get past 6 mins in 7th time I have tried!!!…


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