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DirtTV: Val Di Sole 2013 World Cup - Qualifying

DirtTV: Val Di Sole 2013 World Cup - Qualifying

DirtTV qualifying gold from Val Di Sole! So Gee qualified fastest, is he going to hold it together for Sunday?

  1. DirtyDee

    Remi Thirion launching into that shoot was INSANE! Looking forward to race day big time…

  2. Colin Mcn

    What is the name of that song playing through the clip?? it awesome!

    The race tomorrow is going to be very interesting!!

    1. Mark

      Sounds a lot like White Lies, don’t recognize the tune though

      1. clint

        Yep. White Lies

  3. Munzy

    Great video guys – just the right mix of live and slow mo :)
    I still can’t believe how well the bikes and particularly the wheels stand up on this track – these pro’s dish out some abuse!!!

  4. Willy W

    Some sick riding in that boys, well done on another banger after a short edit time! Question still remains as to why you continue to interview Neethling and Fairclough all the time? They seldom have anything interesting or positive to say, pull mid-pack results most of the time and treat the fans and fanbois with contempt. How about more chats with the up and comers or the solid guys who don’t get enough coverage like Simmonds, Cole, Bruni and Hannah to name a few!

    1. Phil

      Love the way Fairclough moans when its too pedally AND when it’s too technical. Something tells me there’ll always be a reason why he can’t win.

  5. Sam

    Agree with DirtyDee, that was insane!!
    Bangin video boys. Track looks incredible and you managed to get across just how steep and gnarly it actually is.


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