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DirtTV Saturday Bonus video

DirtTV Saturday Bonus video

The Parkin’s have been back up the hill to capture some action from Saturday practice in Hafjell. Riders were getting in some last minute runs before the race tomorrow and with the rain arriving in Norway it looks like things will be mixed up a bit.

  1. Andy+V

    It’s like you guys knew I was really twitching for more footage!!


  2. paddy

    haha look like one of the Parkins bought the new Arctic Monkeys album. loving it

  3. Big Dawg

    So sick. Amazing edit. Really really hope they do a Finally round up of this season. Been awesome so far. I’d defo pay for it.

    1. gspot

      but this is better than finally…and its free!

  4. Cr4zyFr0g

    Hart and Gee’s lines in that section… what a huge difference!!!
    Hart struggling to stay on his bike and Gee making an almost straight line.

  5. Bedders

    Andy, Big Dawg and Cr4zyFr0g took the words out of my mouth!


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