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DirtTV Practice from Hafjell

DirtTV Practice from Hafjell

The brothers Parkin have taken in the golden Hafjell light and fired out another DirtTV nugget. With qualifying going down today everyone was getting up to speed ready to lay down a fast time. No lip has been added to the massive gap but that doesn’t seem to be fazing riders who might be glad of a minor case to slow down going into the next left hander. With a few people crashing out there still seems to be spots that are catching riders off guard but we’re hoping everyone dusts themselves off ready for quali.


  1. banj

    Boris’ hot tub ending scene is the best slow-mo of the year!

  2. Zachary Smith

    Yay Boris!

  3. Jared

    Please don’t ever use that whinging sounding song ever again!

  4. xcgeek

    looks like everyone is a little more mellow and loose after world champs. excited to see what kind of racing that will bring.

  5. Miguel Fonseca

    Eager to see all the racing action on sunday ! :) would love to see bryce on the podium or winning ! but guess the big guns will take over ! Go Sam ! :)

    ps: can you please please not change the speed on the videos to faster than reality? its a little bit ridiculous really ! and makes all mere mortals even more depressed !

  6. rusty


  7. craig

    @ see alex rankin for a good tune. love your videos boys but god your music sucks

  8. Jack

    Great video – terrible music. Sounded like a scottish cat getting strangled for 8 minutes. Truly unpleasant.

  9. Porkin Sisters

    Please show me more of Brendan and Needles! I have no desire to watch the world champions. And can you start doing interviews with them both again when they just whinge about the track constantly. Ta

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