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DirtTV: MSA - Slowmo Saturday

DirtTV: MSA - Slowmo Saturday

Now here is something to whet your appetite for this afternoons racing. This is an absolute banger of slowmo from yesterdays practice.

Who do you think is going to win today then?

  1. Bill

    Can we get a full speed friday at the next world cup with out any slow mo..?

    1. John@Dirt TV

      Depends on how much you bitch about it. The more you bitch on the internet, the more likely I am to make videos exactly to your personal requirements…

      1. bill

        Whhooo, hold your horses john. Not taking the piss about the slow mo biz like a load of over people do.

        Think it would be a good thing, back to the old school filming, pans n zoom and all that like.

  2. Jan

    BOOM 4.28 …. GO ON MATTY STUTTARD, Crack the top 30 open today!!!

    1. stevo

      matt Stuttard fan club yo!

      1. Jan

        well Stevo if you were my mate and happened to be racing against the best in the world… I’d cheer for you too! lmao

  3. Leon

    I could of saved these guys a lot of money on high speed cameras , you could just record me at normal speed

  4. kam

    Lol good one

  5. Alvi Pakarinen

    Agreed, less slow-mo please.

  6. Ali Brackenbury

    If I wasn’t that keen on slo-mo then I wouldn’t watch a video titled “slomo saturday. Just saying!

  7. Ben

    I agree! Don’t watch a video called “Slomo Saturday” then moan about the slomo! Awesome edit as usual guys. Im constantly blown away by the quality of the vids you guys produce so soon after an event. Keep it up and what ever you do, don’t pay any attention to the idiots that complain about everything! If its not the slomo its the mpora player, Redbull player, it was better when free caster did the coverage blah blah blah! Now Im moaning about people moaning!

  8. Sam

    Sik edit! It’s cool seeing stuff in slow-mo, you notice things you wouldn’t otherwise notice.

    Anyone know what the tune is?

  9. Alex

    Woah! Whatever you do don’t stop these slowmo’s i LOVE them. You can add other vids but dont stop these.

  10. DHpro

    song please?


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