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DirtTV: Mont Sainte Anne Finals

DirtTV: Mont Sainte Anne Finals

The Parkins cast another nugget of gold, here is the finals video from Mont Sainte Anne.

Steve Smith nailed an amazing run, after seeing the red light on the results board before he finished Steve smashed the last section to take the win by under a second.

  1. phillemaistre

    Well, thank god for that! I thought we wouldn’t see this edit until AFTER Crankworx… But what an absolute BANGER. MacMillan scrubbing off the final drop, the Brendog/Smith convo, all the shots of Gee looking super-pissed, and then (shocker!) Gee gives up the messy details right at the end! Broke his goddamn seat rails! Sweet baby jesus. Thanks DirtTV, thanks Parkin(s?). Canadian lad, canadian bike, canadian track. Best WC ever, if you ask me!

  2. savdog

    please dirt tv lose the slomo .. not sure if its just me but i want to see the worlds fastest riders actually riding FAST ? .. other than that mint

    1. Ben Clarke

      STOP MOANING ABOUT SLOMO! WHAT AN ABSOLUTE BANGER OF A VID! Such a great race, was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

    2. jin

      slow mo of neethling was sick

  3. Luker

    Awesome video. Including the slowmo! Stevie, what a ledge!

    Savdog – Surely you watched the live stream? Why bitch about getting an incredible edit for free?

  4. savdog

    its the internet one can bitch about anything !! yes i did watch the live stream but like i said id rather see fast riders goin fast , slomo is done to death i,ll gladly pay for an edit without it

  5. Herseyy

    Sooooooo muuuuuuccccchhhh sssssssslllllloooooowwwwmmmmmmoooooooo

  6. Ro

    Wow, amazing vid. What a run by Steve, really happy for him.

  7. bedders

    Well at least the slo-mo lets you see how hard rider and bike are working, as well as the rider’s skill. All those little subtle movements and the effect they have. Great stuff and really pleased for SS. Things tightening up in both Men’s and Women’s categories. Bring on the last two rounds!

  8. Johan

    The best slowmo action i’ve seen, when Steve enters the finish and you can just see how mad Sam and Gee are.. makes me so happy seeing them cry.

  9. Alex Rankin

    Same angles, same sections over and over, endless slomo, drab music… I appreciate that these videos are free but please explain how this is ‘gold’? Of recent times, Scott Marshalls film making in the likes of Speed Kings captures the speed of world cup racing far better than these videos do #wewantmarshall #wewantrankin

    1. Luker

      Get back under your bridge please.

  10. Eoin

    Let’s be reasonable, there is quite a lot of slowmo and repeated angles for the very simple reason that there half the Parkins. Within 3 days of the races we get 2 10+ minute edits of the DH and Enduro races. How can you possibly complain?

    1. Jack

      Why do we need 10+ minute edits? I for one would rather watch a 5 minute video without slow mo, without the same music on loop and without endless shots of the finish section.

      The raw footage on Vital has shown what can be done to highlight the exciting aspects of the sport, with lots of bike noise zooming rather than panning and sub 2 minute edits. If I wanted a cinematic tour de force I’d buy a Clay Porter DVD.

      Bring on the “keyboard warrior” and “you should be grateful” comments all you like, but as a viewer of these videos there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be entitled to an opinion. The Parkins aren’t making them just for their own personal gratification after all…

      1. gspot

        I agree, too much slomo, although its obvious they are being forced to produce overly long DH edits, with one man on the camera all he can do is fill 50% of it with slow motion. Fair enough EWS edits need to be 10+ mins longer but that’s because there’s multiple stages to cover so thankfully not as much slow motion.

  11. jack o

    Then get back out there Rankin and show what for! Who doesn’t miss that stoke. I still bet it’s difficult to put out 3 of these in 1 week practice quali finals

  12. ready

    Could Gee look less happy on the podium? I’m sure it’s hard to watch the hot seat disappear, but he barely only managed the one hand clap for Smith. Some reallllllly tight times here.

  13. Big Dawg

    Always confused by the ‘Gee doesn’t look happy’ comments. 1) he’s dedicated his whole life to winning races and so he’s obviously not going to be ecstatic when he misses wins by tiny margins also you have no idea how well he congratulated Stevie after this race, for all you guys know he gave him a beaming smile and a big hug and pinched his bum whilst embracing…? 2) he had a funking huge off which I reckon he deserves respect for racing at all after. 3) some people just have hang dog looks on their faces by default. Doesn’t mean he’s an arsehole. I like the bloke and he’s an awesome rider.

  14. ronin

    probably safe to say they know each other well enough on the circuit that they understand if one of them has had a bad run and miss out on the top step. ‘sides gee still probably had his rocks on ice during that run.

  15. Ron Horse

    Slow-mo has it’s place for the odd scrub etc but pedalling to the finish? Beady Eye rhyming sky, eye, pie, have a word, get some decent music and don’t loop it three times, oh and bike noise, it’s important.
    Other than that thoroughly enjoyable!

  16. dave

    Was there, it was wicked live and the brothers do a wicked job. I love the long edits. VDS with Jones and Sven drinking and talking gives us the insight from the guys who know. I was lucky enough to drink a few beers with guys after and listening to them talk about stuff most of us can only dream of doing was worth it.

  17. don

    Great video again!

  18. Jns

    Perhaps put some more text with the images? Not only the name of the rider but also the timing and place he/she ended? At least that would be more of a coverage of the races. Now it’s some sort of video clip to three times the same song and you still have to look elsewhere to actually know the results and times. I still turn to Freecaster.tv for actual coverage. Just more info.

  19. auscoz

    all these WC riders are such dudes! wish my locals were as down to earth. great job dirt team, your the only place i bother with for WC related media!

    1. Ron Horse

      You should check out the WC vids on Vitalmtb, great camera angles and a superior sense of the speed these guys travel at. Less show and more go. Dirt TV WC vids have lost their way in my opinion.

      1. Jns

        Great tip, Vitalmtb!

  20. Jan

    I’ve been in and around the sport of downhill since the first issues of dirtmag… and watched the coverage over years… and tbh I’m not reading any of the above comments… coz I don’t give a rats ass what being said… THIS MESSAGE IS FOR THE PARKINS BRO’S… Guys i’m watching this and its making me feel like i’m right there and watching it…. I feel part of the action myself… it makes my wanna drag my dh bike out and out rip up my local trails… awesome work fellas

  21. iloper


  22. maineline

    great videos guys! keep it coming slow mo and all!


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