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Dirt's Bumper Fort William Riders Gallery

Dirt's Bumper Fort William Riders Gallery

We’ve named as many of the Fort William riders as we can, but if you know some that we’ve missed out then let us know…

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Dirt World Cup Photo Gallery: Finals – Fort William 2013

  1. Karl Heier

    picture 42 must be Johannes Fischbach 😉

  2. Samwell

    Picture 14 : Loris Vergier – team lapierre
    Picture 22 : Cyrille Kurtz – team CK racing
    Picture 43 : Connor Fearon
    Picture 59 is Thibaut Ruffin, not Remi Thirion
    Picture 84 is not Cyrile Kurtz, but I don’t know him
    Picture 89 : Felix Racaud
    Picture 139 : Benny Strasser

    Thanks for the picture 48, that’s my bro’ !

  3. Ben

    #49 – Says Mitch Delf’s on the top tube.

  4. Johan

    Picture 43: Connor Fearon
    Picture 104: Robin Wallner

  5. lloyd

    pretty sure 84 is dean lucas from australia, not cyrile kurtz

  6. ER

    94 Ben Hill

  7. Phil

    Photo #8: My buddy, Vaea Verbeek.

  8. CriDavies

    Cedric’s bike is sweet.

  9. Dangerous

    The specialized bikes look cr*p with that paint job!

  10. guido

    Graves’ Yeti is sex on fire.

    also, so many Evils…..

  11. j

    #39 Luke Strobel


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