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Dirt/Norco Race Team: Aurum Bike Check

Dirt/Norco Race Team: Aurum Bike Check

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Dirt/Norco World Cup rider Dan Stanbridge talks us through the Norco Aurum downhill bike.

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  1. bob

    looks like a trek

  2. Doodle dee

    Blaaah…”Looks like a trek” joke…that’s so 2011.

  3. Krissboo

    You know what Bob. it looks nothing like a Trek other than having a frame, 2 wheels and suspension, so piss off. As Doodle dee says…that joke is so old now. Find a new phrase to copy!!
    Rant over.

    Love Stanny’s reviewing style!!

  4. TimBud

    Guys chillout, its just a freakin “joke”… no need to get upset.
    Old jokes get regurgitated all the time, although this one more than others.
    If you don’t find it funny, just move on and don’t draw attention too it… then hopefully it will die out.

    Stunning bike though. Stunning

  5. Big_Joe

    The thing is it does look loads like a trek. No smart arse response required.

  6. jonzo

    “Schwobble” tyres?

  7. RHS

    it does look like a trek (I have an Aurum)

  8. juansamwell

    Stop with the negative waves man! whatever it looks or dosnt look like it looks very nice and fast even stood still! more good things for this years world cup. As we say down here in Kernow….. ANSOME!

  9. Krissboo

    Sorry, just getting tired of boring comments on the old webby, its as bad as the “I used to ride a Trek, then i got shot in the knee” type thing!!

    Anyways, now I’ve looked at it more, it does actually look like a Trek so i’m off to shoot myself in the knee or something.

  10. Chris

    I think the Aurum looks awesome, Norco had some ugly ass rigs in their previous line up…and that Trek joke is getting old!

  11. matt

    why does no one say it looks like a Turner – is no one old enough to remember who came up with this bike?

  12. duir

    Trek copy everyone else’s ideas anyway so lot’s of things look like Treks (see most of Dave Weagle’s recent designs for example). Think there is more than a bit of IH Sunday in some recent frames too. None of that matters, it’s all in the ride really and it has to be said, that Norco looks the business.

  13. jol

    Boxxer race lowers

  14. Callum

    R2C2 lowers, not Race. Still surprised its not a Boxxer WC

  15. Dave James

    looks like a Iron Horse

  16. dhiobsessed

    Looks like a sick bike!


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