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Dirt World Cup Gallery: Vallnord - Finals

Dirt World Cup Gallery: Vallnord - Finals

So Rémi Thirion has won his first ever world cup, stopping Gee’s winning streak in its tracks. And Rachel has made British history; she has had more world cup victories than any other Brit. Here’s our photo gallery of the day’s events.

Photos: Laurence Crossman-Emms

  1. Caves

    UCI, please come back too Andorra. Was mega to see the world cup.

    1. Deran

      Judging by everybody’s reaction to the track, I reckon there’ll be another race there

  2. scrapycrab

    this was nice. good to see a proper worldcup track back on the circuit.

  3. Marcus Stuttard

    the track was great, but the organisation from the UCI and Andorra police was a absolute disgrace. If you wasent one of the big teams paying for pit area they were stopping you a mile away from the track, telling you to park, get your kit, bike & spares out of the vehicle and walk to the top.if you went passed them they sent a tow truck and hauled your vehicle off.UCI should provide parking at races for the people who are racing ABSOLUTE AND UTTER JOKE,

  4. A Focker

    Fantastic photography :)

  5. sweet dude

    Action packed, good racing. Really looking forward to the final parkin bros chapter! now go ride your bike!

  6. Francis Pecson

    Awesome Photography!


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