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Dirt World Cup Gallery: Mont Sainte Anne - Qualifying

Dirt World Cup Gallery: Mont Sainte Anne - Qualifying

Qualifying was extremely exciting yesterday, Stevie Smith put down a corker of a run, which put him on the top step. Danny Hart pulled something out of the bag, just 1 second back on Stevie, and just behind him was Sam Blenkinsop! Gee crashed which lost him a bit of time, and Gwin is looking like him might be back on form sitting in 4th place.

Here’s our photo gallery of the days events.

Photos: Laurence Crossman Emms

  1. dirt dodger

    “don’t practice bridges in Wales” lmfao Rach what a comment

  2. Munso9

    Are there captions to the slide shows? I can never see them

    1. Ben

      Hello Munso, there are captions and some audio clips! Are they not on the right hand side of the screen?!

      Cheers Ben.

  3. Bedders

    a pretty good variety of photos this time I’d say. Appreciated.

  4. Jan

    So what does qualifying in 51st position and riding for RIDE ON RACING…The UKs MATTHEW STUTTARD actually have to do to get a mention on the Dirt websites World Cup reports….?????

  5. Jan

    Infact peoples if you do wanna give young Matty some support get yourselves over to the RideOn Racing Facebook where Howard(UK National DH Champ Dad) post regular videos up from the World Cup- and give the page a Like :) Cheers – http://www.facebook.com/RideOnRacing

  6. Jez

    Let’s have some pictures of Matt Stuttard, who was recently 4th at the BDS and has paid for himself to go to Canada! Only the big teams seem to get a mention on here and pinkbike…nothing to do with sponsers eh 😉

  7. Pete

    Come on dirt !!!! What about MATT STUTTARD !!!!! Made his own way to Canada doing amazingly well lets ear about every rider not just the well sponsored ones !!!!! There is more than gee, dany ,and Steve riding in the World Cup , well done MATT you ripp it up bud

  8. stevo

    Matt Stuttard. 5 finals in a row. How many other privateers have done that this season.

    Is it cos e’s from Burnley?

    1. fdog

      harry heath

  9. Big Bird

    Am I blind, or was Wyn Masters riding a Pivot or something? I wonder if the Bulls is not to his liking after all.


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