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Dirt World Cup Gallery 2013: Mont Sainte Anne - Track Walk

Dirt World Cup Gallery 2013: Mont Sainte Anne - Track Walk

Laurence Crossman-Emms sets the scene for us at the fourth round of the World Cup in Mont Sainte Anne.

This track is definitely one of the classics, but have the changes ruined it? As the last round in Vallnord highlighted what we all want is tougher tracks, not easier, but sadly from what we’ve seen so far it looks like this classic track has turned into a bike park track. Hopefully practice will knock the smoothness out of it, and we’ll still be in for another incredible race. Will anybody be able to knock Gee off the top spot again? Or will he return to his 2013 winning ways? Can anybody finally beat Rach? Will Sam Hill build on his Andorran result? Who knows, only time will tell…

  1. Tom

    Excellent photos as all ways but it would nice to see some more shots of the actual track so we can decide for ourselves if its turned into a ‘bike park’ track.

  2. Mr A

    Yeah, not really a track walk!

  3. JN

    Such a shame if they have indeed turned yet another proper dh track into a buffed out berm fest. Isnt WC supposed to test the abilities of the best bike riders on the planet? I remember first year at Leogang, it was so rough, rooted out and just a plain nightmare in the wooded sections, now it is like a fire road in comparison. So over looking at these pumptracks that has been added some vert and calling it WC dh.

    I mean MSA is a classic becuase of the wide open bombed out sections and that is how it is supposed be. And they also seem to have cut out some of the technical sections. When does it stop? Add bigger wheels and the track becomes even less challenging for them.

  4. PedOakley

    Is it just me or is there only a tiny bit of clearance on Danny Harts forks. He wouldn’t be running shit50B would he?

  5. dirt dodger


  6. Québecois

    oui mais…
    things is, the rain damaged (and it was massive) kidda made the previous track dissapear.
    they had to rebuild and they did. It’s kinda hard to build something that has seen years of riding and racing.
    same mountain, same soil, same rocks. It will be back, just needs to proper abuse.

    it will be awesome.


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