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Danny Hart fastest in Leogang Timed Training

Danny Hart fastest in Leogang Timed Training

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Danny Hart is on fire! Second at Fort William and now setting the pace during timed practise in Leogang.

Yeah, yeah, we know it’s only timed practise and not a true barometer of what may happen as some riders choose not to set a flying time. But still!

Now you too can have a short cage 10 speed mech like Danny Hart’s black box version. These will be available very soon.

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  1. chajcu

    why would i need 10 speed on a downhill course? if any manufacturer would came up with a 5/6 speed set up (i mean hub, cogs, and the mech) i would be the first one to buy it.

  2. VonDH

    Looking at those times and riders all over the place, the qualifying tomorrow is going to give us more of a idea how the riders are likely to perform.
    not to say Danny isnt fast.

  3. carrot

    yeah danny!!!!!!!!

  4. Lee

    It’s not too often you see Hill take timed practice. Looks like someone means business this weekend.

  5. jonzo


  6. ed@dirt

    Our very own Ben Reid seems to be taking it pretty serious too…only him and Pascal on three timed runs. Ever the pro!

  7. Christian


    You probably wouldn’t unless your one of the world’s best. But I’m sure there’s people out there who see themselves as great pedallers and copy the pros to prove their point :p

  8. Dan


  9. MmmBones

    Danny Hart reminds me of Keith Moon. Wild.

  10. mr f


  11. ronin

    great comparison mmmbones! wild & loose but amazingly quick threading his lines together. a new favorite to watch alongside Hill for me. the kid rips

  12. LB

    10 speed over a tight ratio block means that you’re always in the right gear, why would you not want that?

  13. Chris

    Let’s hope he keeps up the monkey on a greyhound style, amazing how much speed he can carry while being so loose!

    Off topic but Dirt can you use a spellchecker sometimes (practice)? Have noticed some pretty poor syntax, grammatical and spelling errors lately. It might have just been the iPad copy of the magazine but last issue loads of sentences just stopped midway (for one example).

  14. tenyearsafter

    @Chris – Thats just Jonsey-speak

  15. billy

    Khris, wil, c wot wee kan do! x

  16. Chris

    thx x

  17. maverickdh05

    Sick for Harty love seeing him and Giant doing well this year, keep it going DH, and go the DIRT team of my fav teams love there story.

    Lets rumble, Gracia is so cool to watch, did a re run of NWD vids the other day hes wikid to watch, hope hes around for long while yet. Fabian maybe one to watch too, he’s healthy and I like how e’s quietly building each round rather than the death or destruction approach.

    Bring it on, can’t wait..

  18. maverickdh05

    Re 10spd vs Close ratio!

    Short block/close ratio gearing 9-17t / 32t front ring worked well enough for the Specialised team at MT St Anne worlds last year and for Sam & Troy to win the Worlds on!

    Also Sam is also a flat pedal rider so based on the 10speed theory he should be even more disadvantaged running a super short block not.

    Sram was running a pre prod proto short block RD on Sams bike at FT Bill so if anything Sram is providing options which I am a fan of, so if you want to run 10spd run the above, if you want to run a short block setup then you hopefully will be able to very soon, maybe 2012, only prob with Specialised setup, is it was a modified setup requireing DT to make a special cassette body on the hub to be able to run a 9t, normally smallest on an MTB is 11t cog.

  19. Gogzee

    @Lee, Agree,looks like Sams is having a change of mood,hope so cause my fantasy teams looking pretty shonky at the mo but just moved Danny H in so lookin good!!

  20. Steve

    @Chris.. Yeah, ‘Practise’ bugged me loads last year.. but i never said anything… haha

  21. NorthWest

    Not only less gears! But with higher gears! Let’s get a 9/21 7-speed cassette with both 9 or 10 speed indexing! C’mon hub companies!, let’s get crack’n on those freehub conversions. Imagine a Rear wheel with DH specific gearing and a rim centered perfectly between each hub flange. Not to mention that fact that everyone will be on low profile 34T or less front rings.

  22. Shabba

    @Chris & @Steve – there is a difference between “practise” & “practice” one is a verb and one is a noun. US English uses “Practice” for both.


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