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Champery World Cup Women's DH Qualifying Results

Champery World Cup Women's DH Qualifying Results

James Renwick James Renwick

The women’s downhill times from Champery have just come through. Here you go:

Picture 3

Very good result for young Myriam Nicole, with a lead of over 16 seconds.
Also a fantastic result for Manon Carpenter, coming on ahead of Tracy Mosely!
We’ll update it later as soon as more results come in.

  1. AndyLux

    Well Done Manon, so close to being 3rd too!!! Podium finish looks good for tomoz!

  2. Dirty Dee

    Myriam looks like she has this one tied up! Good luck to Manon aswell..

  3. Richard park

    I hope Manon does well and I look foward to her blog on this one!

  4. Tim Wild

    Anyone else watching live timing of the Quals when they should be working?

  5. tom h

    manon is such a good rider

  6. pascal

    @TIM who is not?

  7. Isaac

    Where is the live timing? I can’t find it anywhere on the UCI website.

  8. Tim Wild

    Good point Pascal…look at Gregs split…way down

  9. pascal

    i knew blinky would make it.

  10. Tim Wild
  11. AndyLux

    Thanks Tim

  12. Renners

    @Tim Wild: I am watching the live timing, and I am working…

  13. Tim Wild

    Renners, me too, wasnt planning to but someone phoned me up…10 second splits the top 5 and 30 seconds splits the top 20. when is the last time that happened in qualis?


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