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Champery World Cup Newsflash

Champery World Cup Newsflash

James Renwick James Renwick

Torrential rain started pouring at exactly 1:36 (our time) so interesting results to come.


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  1. generator

    WC is in town!

  2. gareth

    If it’s not raining, It’s not training!!!!

    (it’s the qualie’s).

  3. Treehuggergraeme

    So want Brendan to win this one, but its kind of a shame that a certain mr Samuel Hill isnt there to make history. Imagine if come race day he beats everyone by 45seconds. Now that would have been a sight.

  4. Messy

    There are a lot of quick riders this year… and awesome although Sam Hill is, he’s inconsistent, and I think he would struggle to take the title off Gee or Mineaar. And the youngsters are coming through… Brendan and Blenki would have pushed him pretty hard on this track.

    So… I reckon to say he would have won by 45 seconds is pretty crazy. Thats just underestimating the other talent on the circuit that makes it so amazing to watch.


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