6-a-day World Cup Photos

It’s race day at Pietermaritzburg and your 6-a-day snappers were out on the hill all day doing what they do best.

Tomorrow the three amigos will fly off to different parts of the world then reconvene at the next world cup to do it all again.
Big shout out to big game hunters Gary Perkin, Sven Martin and Victor Lucas (who have actually bagged 8-a-day today)

Doctor Steve Peat quite possibly the oldest man in the field today…40 according to the announcers! Just to prove he wasn’t he showed me
his BCF licence … spread the word the old man of downhill ain’t that

Gary Perkin.

it was all about Greg Minnaar today .. the crowd went batty all day
when the announcers mentioned his name .. and they mentioned it a lot!
the pressure was huge on the hometown hero but he rose to the occasion
and reaped the rewards!

Gary Perkin

At the beginning of the week everyone had written Sam Hill off … a
mistake! When he beat Gee Atherton to take 4th place you know that Sam
has been training super hard over the off-season … and thats fair

Gary Perkin

The first rock section offered two choices, the tight and risky inside line that could mean losing all your speed. Or the outside line which was easier but longer. Opinions differed on which was best. Hill chose the riskier option.

Victor Lucas

Minnaar fans had travelled from all over SA to cheer on their hero at his home race, and there was plenty of speculation on how the extra pressure would effect his race run. But the boy from PMB kept it cool and pinned his way to the win. The locals went nuts.

Victor Lucas

Gee Atherton is probably telling Clay Porter that it always takes him a while to get up to speed at the start of the season, we’ll see if he’s up to speed for round 2 at La Bresse by which time he’ll have raced SeaOtter and the 4x WC in Belgium.

Sven Martin

Mick Hannah, first in qualifying second in the race. A year off the bike landscape gardening clearly hasn’t affected his speed or fitness at all. Sick.

Sven Martin

Tracy Moseley won the women’s race convincingly today. With her taking first, Trek World Racing won the best team overall. 1st goal accomplished for TWR. Repackaged, rebranded, reborn for the 2009 season.

Sven Martin


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