6-a-day photos PMB Saturday

Saturday’s 6-a-day World Cup photographs from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

Today was great. Not. Almost no riders did practice runs today. This spot is within site of the finish line and like the rest of the track it is a blind fade away with rocks strewn in the landing. If you pedaled hard, which you have to to win it is hard to remember the safe line off these drops. Peat keeps the wheel low and the seat high.
Sven Martin

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Sven Martin

Jill Kintner’s ride for 2009. Custom Intense Tazer HT with Crankbrothers
wheels and Sram gruppo….
Sven Martin

As the PMB locals say ‘howzit. ya ya, Gregs one of are boys heer. We’re all holding thumbs for him for sure.’
Victor Lucas

Anneke Beerten is till on an Intense for 09. But without a team she is doing her own thing, running the Orange

colours of the Netherlands.
Victor Lucas

Jared Graves doing what he did all afternoon, leading from the front, not looking back and winning everything.

Victor Lucas

sven martin and victor lucas photos from pietermaritzburg, south africa

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