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24 Hours of Downhill: The Craziest Race Ever?

24 Hours of Downhill: The Craziest Race Ever?

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It may well be the La Bresse World Cup this weekend, but this is where the real race is at!

So we’ve had the Megavalanche, the Mountain of Hell, Downieville and the No Fuss Endurance DH in Fort William, but check this out…a 24 hour downhill race! This weekend in Semmering, Austria, hundred of insane downhill riders will be racing flat out, non stop for 24 hours. I don’t know how we have missed this race before, but this is the fifth time the race has been run.

The track is 2.7km long and there will be 465 racers doing battle! And…the track is floodlit at night! You can race solo, in a team of 2, 4 or 6. But get this, last year’s winner Tyrolean Daniel Tulla has the all–time record so far, he rode the 24 hours without a single break, completing 161 runs, covering around 560km, clocking up 9.5 hours!!! Insanity.

The race starts on 12 midday this coming Saturday (August 6th) and the organisers say that after the race is over on Sunday all participants will have traveled a distance of approx. 60 000km. We have to get ourselves there somehow.

Check it out:
MPORA Action Sports >>

Go to www.bikeparksemmering.at for more information

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  1. andy g

    holy moly, must be quite a feat to put in floodlights down 2.7Km in the trees and everything, looks choccy minter to me..shame its this weekend.

  2. Tim

    161 runs in 24hrs. Ha ha ha, that’s mental!! My hat is off to you sir.

  3. swissDH

    We’ve had a 24hrs Downhill Race in Switzerland some years ago (unfortunately this race has been discontinuated due to lacks in fundraising). We raced it in a team of 4, and i still consider this one of the “craziest” / most special experiences one can do in (DH)Racing. So for everyone who isn’t racing for the world’s top ten – go to Semmering!

  4. Dodgy Dave

    C’mon, is it REALLY that mental?
    I mean, 24hr bike races are nothing new. XC 24hr racers often ride solo and ride for the whole 24hrs clocking up 100’s of off rode miles in the process and not sitting in a gondola having a rest after every 5 mins.

    Dont get me wrong – I’m sure its awesome fun and I dont doubt its demanding but ‘mental!!!’ and ‘craziest’ and ‘insanity!!!” is going a bit too far eh?

  5. ddmonkey

    When did masochism become a key element of mountain biking? Maybe I’m getting old but that video didn’t look much fun to me! Riding all night in the mud, fighting to get into muddy gondolas, hmm… XC at night is OK because you can get a different perspective on everything but for DH I prefer a bit of sunshine I think.

  6. stooky

    @Dodgy Dave your never going to get much love on this site with a comment like that, even if you do have a point.

    Having said that one of the hardest parts of 24 riding is stopping and gettign going again, especially if it’s wet.

  7. Punch in the face.

    I’m not an aggressive man but has anyone wasted 20 seconds of their life watching that L’Oreal ad that I normally cut off as fast as I can?
    I’ve never wanted to punch someone in the face so much in my life.
    It’s like real life Zoolander. Pi55 off hair-twist-messy-boy.

  8. Anoobis

    dodgy dave – You tried the fort william enduro? I did it the first year. Think i got 15 runs in 6 hours. Drove home after (don’t try at home kids) and when I stopped to get petrol I couldn’t use the pump normally. i had to put one hand on top and one under the grip and push my arms together. to say it was physical was an understatement. I did hell of the north cotswolds 100k at that was a bit tiring and my legs were pretty tired but it was nothing compared to 15 runs in the Fort william enduro.

  9. Asbjørn

    Going ride, super stoked to try it…

  10. Jon P

    Making that winners trophy soo damn massive… Just mean!

  11. Ben

    still looked like it had less braking bumps than the pleney/les gets!!

  12. swissDH

    @dodgy dave: You can’t imagine how mental it is, until you tried it. So go out and ride instead of blaming others about things you don’t even know. Cheers.

  13. Deeboy

    I agree with the guys here who have actually raced one of these style events. I thought I would man up to do a solo 6hr in New Zealand, I was so glad i didn’t. I struggled through it in a two man team. 6hrs of Dh is crazy, 24hrs as it says is INSANE.

    Completely different to a 12 hour XC event i have done, which would be easy in comparison. The shear arm pump alone makes these events scary, then legs, lungs & mind going crazy…
    A must do for any DH crazed razza for sure

  14. Wocketfast

    Can you imagine the smell of 465 sets of muddy body armor that’s been worn for 24 hours. Nasty.

    Looks like fun, if its dry.

  15. ace

    You might all get the chance scotland style :)
    No fuss events facebook page has the question “is there an appetite for this in Scotland”
    Dosen’t mean they are going to do it, but it means they are thinking about something that dosen’t need helicopters.


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