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2013 UCI DH World Cup Schedule. 9 Rounds???

2013 UCI DH World Cup Schedule. 9 Rounds???

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The schedule that we’ve discovered might only be provisional, but there are some interesting things to be learnt from it…

Provisional MTB calendar 2013

  • 13-14 April: XCO/DH
  • 20-21 April: XCO/DH
  • 18-19 May: XCO/XCE
  • 25-26 May: XCO/XCE
  • 08-09 June: DH
  • 15-16 June: XCO/DH
  • 15-16 June: XCO European Championships Bern (Sui)
  • 29-30 June: Marathon World Championships Kirchberg (Aut)
  • 20-21 July: National Championships
  • 27-28 July: XCO/DH
  • 03-04 Aug: XCO/DH
  • 10-11 Aug: DH
  • 13-18 Aug: Masters World Championships Pietermaritzburg (RSA)
  • 21-25 Aug: Cross Country World Championships Pietermaritzburg (RSA)
  • 28 Aug-01 Sept: Downhill World Championships Pietermaritzburg (RSA)
  • 14-15 Sept: XCO/DH
  • 21-22 Sept: DH
  • 21-22 Sept: Marathon National Championships

Easily the biggest news is that there are currently nine DH World Cup races on the schedule, plus the World Champs. That sounds amazing to us, and we’d love it if it happened, but by the sounds of it things may not stay like this.

According to UCI Event Coordinator Melanie Leveau the goal is to have only seven races for each discipline, and this includes DH. Apparently it all comes down to the cost of organising such a large series, both in terms of staff needed to oversee the events, and the costs involved in filming each one etc. There’s a chance that we may get eight rounds, but nothing is certain yet.

We’ve got to say we reckon it’s a bit gutting if the series isn’t as big as it potentially could be. Previously we thought that the number of races was largely dictated by how many venues put in an application to hold a World Cup, but we’ve since heard that the UCI actually receive far more applications then they could ever have.

On the one hand it’s annoying that these places don’t get to hold a round, but on the other hand it’s very promising that so many places are seriously interested in holding a race, it shows that there is plenty of potential for the sport to grow. Maybe with Red Bull’s involvement this year we will see some serious growth in future. All we need is for some other big sponsors to come on board and then the UCI might well have more money to extend the series.

Finally, you might have also spotted that South Africa is going to be a massive three week affair next year. Masters World Champs the first weekend, then XC, and finally the DH. Oh, and just two rounds of the new XC Eliminator format doesn’t really strike us as a serious move to develop the discipline.

What are your thoughts? to us, and we’d love it if it happened,

  1. Billy

    More rounds and more new locations sounds like a great idea to me!

  2. bart

    PMB was boring to watch this year, will make for a crap world champs :(

  3. Lee

    UCI doesn’t seem too worried about teams spending money on out-and-back rounds in RSA or Australia. Lump a few together in the same area, or just be more responsible with the calendar in general and 8-9 rounds might not be so cost prohibitive?

  4. Aaron

    I would love to comment, but my mind is too disturbed by the giant phallus in the UCI logo :(

  5. Daire

    Looking good for next year and well done on the new comment set up lads, much better!

  6. fordy

    what bart said

  7. Rick T

    Just watched a few races of the La Bresse XCE and virtually the whole course was on tarmac or pavement. OK, so they’d made some jumps and step ups, but really? Tarmac and concrete? This is mountain biking, not road biking with some grrrr.

  8. ronin

    Less time in between events as well as a travel friendly routing of venues for teams and fans alike sure makes sense. hopefully the teaser leads to a happy ending

  9. Bedders

    Leftfield thoughts – if anyone could tot up all the venues, past and present that have ever held a WC DH race or World Champs I’d imagine it’d be a very long list. If so I’m not surprised there’s an excess of applications each year. It would be good to see some of the old tracks back, and although I don’t like to criticise I do agree PMB wasn’t the most exciting thing to watch. Better camera placement might’ve helped but there was a problem with that if I remember rightly. anyway….

  10. Trevor

    I’m just wishing a WC will come to the West Coast of the US for once. Its pathetic that the birth place and epicenter of mtb and companies doesn’t have a place in the UCI calender. Its disapointing that SA will be the Champs. Good race for the racers in terms of a race that will show skill. Yet boring for the crowd and the sport doesn’t grow unless people find it interesting. I don’t know to many people I can convince that watching people spin those cranks on a DH bike is exciting. Yet I know plenty of non bikers who are stoked to watch Val de Sol or Champery.

  11. TimBud

    So with PMB hosting World champs next year, that could mean the 2 April slots could be other Southern Hemisphere races. Unless the UCI are crazy enough to hold World champs at the beginning of the season.

  12. TimBud

    sorry missed that the W’champs are in Aug/Sept… so that does give 2 southern races a good chance. New Zealand would be good again eh.

  13. Mez

    Going to try and convince the girlfriend that we should go to South Africa for 2 weeks next year: Watch the World Champs and then head on up to Kruger National Park!?! Sounds like a plan or what?!

  14. James

    14 April Queenstown NZL
    21 April Canberra AUS
    9 June Windham USA
    15 June Mont Sainte Anne CAN
    28 July Val di Sole ITA
    4 August Champery SUI
    11 August Fort William GBR
    1 September World Champs Pietermaritzburg RSA
    5th September Balneario Camboriu BRA
    22 September Les Gets FRA

  15. grant

    ^^^ nice try James, There’s no way the UCI would do that itinerary, going to the southern hemisphere twice? no way

  16. stacy kohut

    checked in with a top logistical head at the whistler bike park today…..
    with a smile, he would not deny whistler is trying to get a world cup late july, early aug.
    west coast canadian world cup?
    would be so rad to tie it into the crankworx vibe.

  17. lee

    Are they mixing dh and mtbo together in the hope that someone tunes to the mtbo by accident?

  18. tumble

    I think James itinerary is perfect. Two down under races close together is good value for race teams. Aus & NZ deserve a WC race at least every second year given the amount of top 50 riders come from down here.

  19. Joe

    More races in Southern Hemisphere! Aus has had three world cups in like the last ten years or something? How many has Fort William had? The Kiwis and Aussies deserve it!

  20. Lucifer

    Don’t rely to much on this calender, because a worldcup on 15-16 june and also Eurochamps on the same date for XCO? Maybe there are some more faults..

  21. Mr Steep

    I read somewhere recently that Cairns (Aust) is trying to get another World Cup round which would be awesome. I actually live in Canberra and it was a dream come true to have the World Cup/Champs here but I’m the first to admit that the track was pretty lame by world standards and didn’t transfer well to TV. If Cairns gets a round it will up the ante, just like it did back in the 90’s.

  22. Sam Matthews

    I don’t think anyone would be upset if they moved the tour to different continents each year to keep the cost down? One year Canada/USA/south America. One year Aus/new Zealand/japan(!) one year Europe etc. they may even be an influx of crowds due to the touring variation to make sure you get to see a world cup. Who knows?? If you need me I’ll be in my trailer.

  23. MaverichDh

    @ james great scedule! 2rounds doun under would not mean two trips a week apart would mean Nzed first fly to aus for following week. The reason costs are so high is not the number of rounds its the gap between rounds is so big so wack that riders teams are almost doing individual events not rounds in a series. A true World series means World that means each continent if its ever to gain legitimacy to other sports, closer rounds would mean teams riders would be on the road travelling round to round yes it wnould be hard but no harder than MX or any other world series sport.


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