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2012 Dirt Fantasy League ENTER NOW!!!

2012 Dirt Fantasy League ENTER NOW!!!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Team changes will close at 12.30 today, the scheduled start of qualifying.

Registration stays open throughout the whole season, but entries will only score points from qualifying sessions and races after they entered.

It’s super easy to join and will only take you two minutes!

(I just timed myself and managed a pb with 1.45s)

Step 1. Click Dirt Fantasy League

Step 2. Enter your email address.

Step 3. Just enter your name and country. (This screen looks daunting but is super easy and you don’t have to fill all the boxes in!)

Step 4. Click confirm.

Step 5. Enter your team name.

Step 6. Pick your team! Easy!

The 2012 Dirt Fantasy League in association with Trek is LIVE!!!

The 2012 Downhill World Cup race season kicks off in Pietermaritzburg soon and now you can play along with the action in our Fantasy League.

Dave the Electrician has been in and completely rewired the Fantasy game making it the best ever and super simple to play!

You get: One MILLION pounds, five riders, eight races and a chance to win a super spanking Trek Slash 8…you’ve got to be bonkers not to enter the Dirt Fantasy League!

Click Dirt Fantasy League to register your team.

Trek Slash 8

  1. eoin

    And so it starts!!! Question of 2012: to Gwin or not to Gwin…

  2. Jason

    Can you add Richie Rude @ 50£ please :)

  3. billy

    Is it working okay for everybody? Daves still in the bunker with his blow torch.

  4. Renners

    Working ok for me. I’ve gone for:

    Mick Hannah
    Steve Peat
    Tracy Hannah
    Greg Minnaar
    Loic Bruni

  5. Mushy

    I think there’s something wrong with the game page, an error comes up. maybe the electrician needs to have another look!

  6. Carl

    no luck 1st time, gonna give it another go:)

  7. Mushy

    Managed to set up my team ok but when trying to log out an error message appears.

  8. Robbonzo

    crashed for me after id selected everyone. Doh

  9. Mark

    Nasty application error when I try the link

  10. Pumptrack Tim

    I kept getting arror messages, but moving back a page sorted it each time. No Gwin BTW…

  11. Daire

    No go atm for me

  12. eoin

    No problems here except im freaking out about val di sole being the round after south africa, how the bloody hell can I make a team for both of those???

    M. hannah
    T. hannah

    M. hannah probably getting the boot for bruni for round2. Use’em and lose’em…

    Is T.hannah on for all rounds?

    The site has been up one hour and already it is consuming my life…

  13. James

    can you put the rider list up here with values, the other site dont work

  14. Renners
  15. billy

    Good work Renners. (That was me wot spilt the tea, sorry everybody!)

  16. Matt

    Can I enter more than one team if I use different email addresses?

  17. leo

    my take is
    -Danny Hart
    -Troy Brosnan
    -Loic Bruni
    -Al Bond
    -Tracey Hannah

  18. r mac

    i blew all on:
    t. hannah, will deff have to tweak it after a few rounds

  19. stephen turtle

    Turtles temptations:
    ben reid
    danny hart
    mick hannah
    troy brosnan
    manon carpenter (but i may swap her out for T. hannah)

  20. chris dodd

    Team GUFF:

    D Hart
    S Blenkinsop
    M Hannah
    F Polc
    T Hannah

    after thought, is Blenki still injured??

  21. TomH

    What do you call a drink that’s kind of a bit like Fanta?


  22. Emil

    my team;
    B MacDonald

    J Graves

    T Brosnan

    M Hannah

    T Hannah

  23. rmac

    tracy seems to have given the ladies section a bit more of a look at. going by this theres alot of ppl backing her.

  24. VonDH

    Working like a whore on crack nice one

  25. Leon

    No finally this week Dirt staff?

  26. 4xlego

    Seems like everybodys liking the hannahs

  27. Josh

    A Variety of Valourous Vagabonds:
    Brendan Fairclough
    Troy Brosnan
    Matthew Scholes
    Ben Reid
    Manon Carpenter

  28. Mushy

    Tracy H
    M Paskal

  29. Steefoo

    Team: Boabbybawbag

    R. Atherton

    Get in!

  30. James

    V Gutierrez Villegas? Shouldn’t it be M Gutierrez Villegas?

  31. dirk_pumpa

    am i missing somethin here? can you update your team throughout the season?

  32. cikudh

    Team : KaMo
    Danny, Mick & Tracey Hannah, Sergeant CG, Spagnolo . . . Anyone created a league?

    Yep.. @James, i’m too looking for Marcello Guiterrez . . to make it CG Brigade ON!

  33. ed@dirt

    Read the rules to double check but i am pretty sure you get 10 substitutions throughout the season, with a max of two per round. That should give you some room to tailor for each round but the top bit of advice i can give you is to make sure you’ve got as many riders that’ll qualify for the World Champs in your team when that time comes around cos unlike last year (when only your nominated rider got points from that race) this time your whole team can get points in that race…but obviously they can’t if they not at the World Champs. Tactical team moves are going to be the key to success this year i reckon.
    Oh Yeah, and i also think you can change your team as many times as you want before the first round so don’t stress if you change your mind/someone gets injured.

  34. Rico



  35. Philipp

    M. hannah
    T. hannah

    Aussies FTW!

  36. Fanboy

    Will Tracy Moseley run this year? Is she on for the full season?

    Anybody know if Richie Rude will start?

  37. TrekChris

    Tracy will be doing select WC events, y’all. Not the whole schedule though, as she is planning to do WC Pro Sprints and more Enduros.

  38. dirk_pumpa

    cheers ed..

  39. Rich

    Team: Shake & Bake
    D Hart
    J Bryceland
    D Spagnolo
    C Gracia
    M Suemasa
    Thankyou and good night.

  40. Carlos

    My team, Larga:

    T. Hannah

  41. johnny

    Team Scotland
    -Ruirdh Cunningham
    -Lew Buchanan
    -Greg Williamson
    -Mark Scott

  42. ed@dirt

    Just noticed another possibly important rule…in the event of a draw at the end of the season the winner will be the one who registered their team first…i.e. don’t hang about, get your team in now. You can tweak it as much as you like before the first round anyway.

  43. Fanboy

    Thanks @TrekChris. Do you know if she will run in the first DH event in South Africa? Nothing on her calendar yet: http://www.tracymoseley.com/calendar

  44. chris dodd

    @ed@dirt, is there any news on sam blenkinsop?? will he be fot for round 1? cheers

  45. billy

    Chrisdodd, You can pick Blenky for your team now and swap him out (with out using any transfers) nearer the first race if it looks like he’s going to miss it.

  46. chris dodd

    coolio, cheers Ed

  47. Joe

    Can you do a rider injury list again please

  48. dirk_pumpa

    at the risk of sounding like a mardy little bitch, i think the ‘you can register multiple teams on different email addys’ line is completely wack.

    just saying.

  49. ed@dirt

    dirk…it’s against the rules to do that, and we reckon that’s fair. One team per PERSON.

  50. dirk_pumpa

    So do i, thats my point.. its just there was a comment up from someone@dirt that has been subsequently removed that sort of condoned it. I was jus pushing for an official “dont cheat” update which ^we have^ now. ta.. and sorry for whinging x

  51. dirt dodger

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooops ! suppose I had better remove my “multi” choice teams then

  52. dave

    hi, dont know if this is cool to post on here but what the hey, if any riders from surrey hills fancy joining my mini league the pin is 492. there’s enough room for all and a few audi’s too

  53. JonnyDH

    Team Scrub and Dip:

    Eliot Jackson
    Tracy Hannah

  54. Thebear

    Jared Graves is the wise man’s wild card. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word Defeat. And he trains like an animal.
    Ponts for sure!

  55. Carl

    Do doooo do do do Minnaar Minnaar
    J Barnes
    Scotty Mears

    Team Globo Gym, “because we’re better then you”……

  56. adude

    Brosnan and T Hannah crowned national champs ! Bros beat the likes of Hill , Graves , Kovarik. Kids a weapon.

  57. M-Labs

    Team SAS:

    1) T Brosnan
    2) J Graves
    3) S Hill
    4) M Hannah
    5) T Hannah

    We practice while you sleep …

  58. AD

    Yes, but you sleep while We practice.

  59. Joe

    Your a little behind ‘adude’ is been that way for a while now…M-Labs thats the team Ive got, I wonder how many others have the same team??

  60. TrekChris

    @Fanboy: I don’t see the South Africa round on her calendar here, either.

  61. thom

    this teams gonna smash it: gee atherton
    rach atherton
    c gracia
    a brayton
    f payet
    not seeing much love for the athertons,

  62. VonDH

    Team Down n Dirty

    A Gwin
    S Mears
    T Brosnan
    B Reid
    T Hannah

  63. marcus

    A. Gwin
    T. Brosnan
    C. Fearon
    P. Guardia Pascual
    T. Hannah

    Hope they put up.

  64. Hampson

    Team wet sock

    G Minnaar
    G Atherton
    M Hannah
    M Delfs
    F Griffiths

  65. Carl

    @dirt, are you able to confirm if Harry Molloy and Scotty Mears are gonna be dodging lions and getting to the race in South Africa?
    @Hampson, liking your pick, seems pretty solid.
    Do dooo do do do Minnaar Minnaar!

  66. Optimus Doddsy

    A revised Team Guff…….

    D Hart
    S Smith
    M Hannah
    B Reid
    T Hannah

  67. topmarkscycles

    ive got

    g atherton

  68. billy

    @Carl, Harry Molloy is racing SA.

  69. Carl

    Thanks for researching that for me Billy. If I manage to stay overnight at the WC round in Fort Bill I’ll try to get you a cake:)
    The Fantasy League adds another exciting dimension to the racing, as if it needed it. Excited like a kid at Christmas!!! Some really good looking teams out there!
    Do dooo do do do Minnaar Minnaar.

  70. rh

    for now..

  71. James

    Can we have the rapid new Italian junior for a fiver?? Is it Gianluco Rapido?

  72. James

    OK – it’s Gianluca Vernassa – he is on Devinci for 2012 Season. Is he available? Go on….

  73. worthy

    TEAM POCKET ROCKETS – danny hart or gwinny will be super subs when the tracks get techy!!

    T Brosnan
    G Atherton
    J Graves
    N Beer – I was skint by this stage, still a top ten rider
    T Hannah

    IT’ ALL MINE!!!!

  74. HBB Lied

    Wildwood Racing!

    Ms. Hanna

  75. Jo


  76. Optimus Doddsy

    switched out ben reid for nic beer

  77. Olliebongo

    swaped out Ben Reid there too, kept the faith with the Dirt Norco team though, straight swap for D-Riff.Get well soon Baltic ya wee rippaaaa, need you back in the team dude.

  78. billy

    Florent Payet is out!

  79. Lorenz-gr88

    Hey all German Players need Johannes Fischbach!!!

    He raced 4-Cross Worldcup last year – and he is getting better and better – his best Result was a 2nd Place I think.
    Sometimes he was even better than Graves.

    A week ago he got 7th place at the Southafrican Nationals – faster then Blenkinsop, Ruffin, Bryceland and Klausmann.

    At least he will be the fastest German Rider this year.

    So PLEASE add him!!

  80. bad start to fantasy

    damn it only found out guiteraz not racing

  81. Lorenz-gr88

    Fischbach got 16th in Quali!!!

    Iwant him in my team!

  82. woodrat

    @topmarkscycles Gutted!


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